Leaping Windows [Versova]

What an awesome way to kick-start this blog!

Leaping Windows is one of those super kick-ass places that you just have to visit, to know what I or anyone else out there is recommending it for.

It is located in the far of corners (no exaggeration), not inhabited by humans (extreme exaggeration). Jokes apart, it is actually located in the interiors of Versova, making it a little tricky to locate for the first time.

The first thought that I had when I reached the place was, and I say this very honestly, ‘what is so great about this place? Took me ages to locate it and it looks like any other regular eating joint.’ I sat in the open area and hungry as I was, I decided to order first and then find myself a place inside. The menu is comic book inspired with this heavy-duty food related artwork. Anyway, as I turned the pages, I landed on ‘the’ gold mine. See, before this time, I had no idea the place housed a comic book library. I am not an ardent fan of comics, but I love reading and what more does a person like me want? Food and an awesome library. Life is sorted!

They allow beverages in the basement that houses the library. I ordered for myself a Rosemary Lemonade and made my way to the library. That is when I came face to face with what is on the inside of this amazing place. The wooden floors and the cozy seating will blow your mind away. They have comic art on the walls and the curvy glass wall area is the place to get a seat. ‘Leap’ at the opportunity and jump with joy if you do!

Excitedly I made my way down the stairs and entered the amazing library and was hit by this amazing feeling – they call it ‘tranquillity’, I guess. The endless collection of comics and manga is just awe inspiring. Amazingly arranged and so inviting with all the cushions and bean bags. Like a child in candy-land, I picked up some of the masterworks to read, all the while secretly worrying that I missed something better.

When I could not keep the rumbling noises in the tummy low anymore, I went upstairs and hungrily looked for the menu. One of the unique and amazing thing about the options here is that they have nailed the ‘options’ part right – with the ‘sampler’ and ‘double’ version of their appetizers. I love this, gives me an opportunity to try multiple appetizers. I ordered the Roasted Vegetable Tarts and waited for my friends to arrive.


The tarts were just so perfectly done. Tiny, little pieces of joy as one after the other piece made its way down to my tummy!  The base was crunchy but yet so soft and even textured. And the filling, yumm!!

Then, the orders could not stop.

We had:

Chocolate Lava Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce, pure bliss! It was just so soft, with the perfect amount of chocolate oozing out.


Crunchy Onion Rings, they were nicely done, crunchy and low on oil. What made them even better was the sauce/chatni that came with them.


All Spice Chicken Skewers, I can’t comment much on them (I am a vegetarian) but my friends said they are amazing. And they sure did look so!


M.C. Hammer, well made, perfect and consistent taste, while not over dosing on the cheesy taste.


Good Old Fashioned Iced Coffee & Iced Latte, like any other cold coffee you get.


The Battle: Leaving this place was the biggest battle I fought this day. It just leaves you wanting for a little more and then a little more. First the library, then the food, it just keeps getting better and better.


If you are ever in the neighbourhood, or in Antarctica, please try and visit this place. You will not be disappointed.


Leaping Windows – Google Maps

Leaping Windows Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “Leaping Windows [Versova]

  1. I am not much into comics but luckily I did find a Peanuts comic book which caught my interest and I spent around an hour reading it from cover to cover. All n all it is a good place to hangout.
    I was not known of this blog so I
    suggested you this place 🙈………hahahahaha😁


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