145 Kala Ghoda [Kala Ghoda]

Caution: The pictures in this post are going to start a serious drool-fest! So scroll down at your own risk!

Still here, are we? Well, you asked for this!

Intriguing Name ✔

Funky Interiors ✔

Upbeat Music ✔

Lively Vibe ✔

Trendy Menu options ✔

Pocket-Friendly ✔

That can sum up some of the good things I have to say about this place.

I had heard a fair bit about this place and I have to tell you, whatever I had heard, the quirky vibe of this place deserves much more! The moment you enter, you are hit by a wave of ‘wow’.

They have different sections – bar, high tables and a lounge-like section and also a pool table. The menu is playful and has a doodle section that allows you to exchange your artwork for a drink! The bar menu is going to leave you sad if you plan on not drinking. The cocktails looked especially mindblowing! (I sat at the bar table, I saw them being prepared right in front of me :/ )

There are some large installations that hang from the ceiling, which left me confused! I cannot relate as to what the weird amalgamation of steel utensils and yellow smiley balls is doing atop the bar counter? Some answers we may never know!

Anyway, let’s talk food!

We started with the Nutella Milkshake which is just picture perfect (you can start drooling now). It is really sweet and comes topped with Gems, Kit-Kat & Chocolate bombs. Highly recommended.


Nutella Milkshake

We also ordered another drink (shake) from their bar menu (non-alcoholic) called Hazel (A silvery and wacky concoction of chocolate, coffee, almond, cream and vanilla ice cream). Don’t go by the plain appearance, it is super yummy. It is more on the vanilla milkshake side, but yummy nonetheless.

Hazel & Nutella Milkshake

Next we ordered the Animal Style Fries (small portion). It comes on a long marble platter topped with a huge mass of melty cheese, fried caramelized onions and a yummy special sauce. Apparently, the inspiration for these fries comes from the famous fries at the chain In-N-Out (going by the same name). Wherever the inspiration comes from, we are happy! The portion is really huge, and the fries are perfect!

Animal Style Fries

We ordered the Jalapeno Poppers, which were almost disappointing. The cheese stuffing inside was a little too chewy.

Jalapeño Poppers

Next we ordered the Paneer Pasanda Bao, a spicy paneer filling in a soft steamy Bao. Presented on a smart wooden platter, these were made to perfection. The right amount of spicy and tasty!

With tummies almost full our hearts were not yet satiated; not without their famous Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-cream Burger, so we ordered the same. It comes as a scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two halves of a red velvet cupcake. The cupcake is a little dry on the outside but soft on the inside and is served mildly warm. The red velvet cupcake ice-cream is a must – must have at this place.

Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-Cream Burger
Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-Cream Burger


Overall Experience: We left the place happy and without burning a hole in our pockets.

My only complaint is that our server forgot to give us the Pepsi-pouch (yup, the ones we had as kids) which they gave to everyone with the bills.

Service 🙂 

Ambience 🙂 🙂 🙂

Food 🙂

The Battle: With its yummy food and friendly, upbeat ambience, the battle I fought here was to gather the will to leave the place.



Better to get a reservation, the place is generally jam packed.

Valet parking is available.



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