Maddu Mess [Powai]

Maddu Mess is a small South Indian breakfast place opposite IIT-B, with a ferociously loyal following. It opens from 4 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. and any night-owl aware of its existence shall swear by it.

When I say this, do not make assumptions about the look and feel of the place. Maddu Mess is actually a small joint, located in a dingy corner, in an alley filled with the stench of poultry. My first reaction when I finally located the place was – ‘Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?’ But if you can actually ignore this and move past all the thoughts about the unhygienic alley and actually order the food here, you will be surprised.

Considering I located the place with great pain, and that my mouth had been watering for some yummy south Indian food ever since I left home, I decided to move past the cats and water puddles and the smell and actually give it a shot!

Maddu Mess is basically a kitchen, a table in the alley area and a small seating area in a small room next to it, here you always find a bunch of IITians.

We ordered Sada Dosa, Fried Idli and Medu Vada. Then we repeated the order and repeated it again and then one more time. Everything is mindblowing. The vada and idli are really good and super crispy. The dosa is on the soft side but just perfect. I really loved the sambhar they served it with. (They leave a utensil full of sambhar on the table outside for you to help yourself). What is disappointing is the chutney. Completely lacking flavour that you would expect from a traditional south Indian place and so diluted. Give it a skip if you can, the sambhar is more than good.

Medu Vada
Fried Idli

We decided to end the meal with a cup of coffee, which is really good!




Locating the place can be a difficulty, so it is better to ask for directions. There is one entry in the alley (galli) just before the IIT market bus stop, a sign board is placed at the entry.

Overall Experience: Amazing food and so pocket-friendly! The people are good. I only wish they would revamp the place, just enough to make it a little more hygienic.

Food 🙂

Service 🙂 

Ambience 😥

The Battle: Getting comfortable with the area is a difficulty, but if that is sorted, this place and the food here – pure delight!

Maddu Mess – Google Maps

Maddu Mess Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


5 thoughts on “Maddu Mess [Powai]

  1. Gret stuff I always look for some breakfast places wich opens early in the morning so heres one…plus the ambience mentioned is a bit turn off…but taste I guess is amazing.


  2. Idli n Medu Vada…😍
    Sometimes unhygienic conditions doesn’t matter …does it?..and yes a cup of coffee is always like ‘icing on the cake’!
    By the way I forgot to tell u that your succinct explanation shows ur addiction towards ur thoughts….👍


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