Kyani & Co. [Marine Lines]

My visit to Kyani & co. can be attributed to Mumbai’s whimsical  weather – sudden showers, an amazing cloud covered sky and five hungry friends! Nariman point was calling and Kyani was on our minds.


With its quaint, old-worldly charm, Kyani & Co (let’s stick to Kyani from now) is the oldest and one of the most revered Irani cafe/joint in Mumbai. Ardent fans swear by its bun maska & tea, coin khari, mawa cake and caramel custard. The setup is fairly basic with glass-topped tables, cream-coloured walls, desserts and bakes on display and a grumpy old Irani running the joint. The menus are right there on all the tables under the glass top. Kyani serves a wide variety of items from rolls to cutlets, puddings to cakes, and biscuits, as well as sandwiches to burgers.


The attitude of the place is ‘eat-n-go’ and if you expect hospitality or even as much as a smile from the people here, you are in the wrong place. As wrong as this attitude is, they have no dearth of followers and fans, and they frankly do not care! But then, this is one of the essentials in the making of a famous Irani cafe, right?

You know you cannot go wrong with a choice that features in every ‘Things to do in Mumbai’, ‘Legendary Restaurants’, ‘must visit places in Mumbai’, et. al list! With that thought in our mind, we bombarded the waiter with our order. A spread so wide, I am surprised how they manage to remember everything without writing anything down!

The order included  sandwiches, and cutlets, and sausages, and fish fingers, and of course their famous melt-in-your-mouth bun maska, and a lot more!

My favourite item here was the Parsi Omelette. Every single time that I have complained of not finding ‘that perfect omelette’, I was told to visit Kyani. And boy was I happy to finally have had this delicacy? Great taste and so filling!

Parsi Omelette

Once we were almost full, came the turn for Caramel custard, Parsi Custard and Two-in-one Jelly. These were totally the piece de resistance of the meal. The caramel custard and Parsi custard were so creamy and scrumptious, they can easily beat the most exquisite cheesecakes and panna cotta of the elitist places! Creamy, delicious with the perfect mouth-watering and pleasant aftertaste!

Parsi Custard
Caramel Custard
Two-in-one Jelly


We ended our perfect hogging session with coin khari, bun maska and tea!

Coin Khari and Tea

Overall Experience: Amazing food and so pocket-friendly, you feel like you are in pre-pre-independence India! 😉

Food 🙂

Service :/

Ambience 🙂

The Battle: Moving after having stuffed so much! And stopping yourself from ordering ten more of those amazing caramel custard cups! My mouh is watering at just the thought of it.

I am definitely going back, and you should make that visit soon too!

Kyani & Co. – Google Maps
Kyani & Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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