The Chocolate Heaven [Vile Parle]

The Chocolate Heaven had served as a regular hangout for me long ago and I have wanted to go try all their yummy sundaes and pasta again ever since!

I went here a few days ago, almost around midnight and was welcomed to a quiet cafe with Bollywood songs being played in the background.

Immediately I opened the menu to the pasta section and ordered Spinach Garlic Fusilli Cheese Pasta. The smell of the pasta being prepared really made my mouth water uncontrollably.

Spinach Garlic Fusilli Cheese Pasta


Spinach Garlic Fusilli Cheese Pasta

Since the pasta is otherwise non-spicy, we added tons of chilli flakes. I just love how the colours pop out in this image. The pasta is very palatable and flavoursome with the perfect cheesy, garlic-y taste. I really had forgotten how amazing this used to be! The Spinach Garlic Fusilli Cheese Pasta is a must have item on their menu.

As we waited for our pasta to arrive, we treated ourselves to some Hot Chocolate and Chilli Garlic Potato Pops. The hot chocolate is basic and the potato pops though really tasty are very low in quantity. The fact that the pasta was so good saved me from the disappointment I would have otherwise faced.

Hot Chocolate


Chilli Garlic Potato Pops



The Battle: The one I am fighting right now as my mouth waters for a little, no scratch that, for a lot more of that pasta!!

My two cents: Go here for their yummy pasta and desserts. The ambience may not be amazing, but the food totally makes it worth it!

The Chocolate Heaven – Google Maps

The Chocolate Heaven Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Heaven [Vile Parle]

  1. I guess I m always the first one to comment on ur blog.🙈Well, I visited this place and its quite amazing.
    Fusilli cheese pasta😍..loaded with cheese was n is my favourite dish.U made me remind of heavenly time spent wid ma frendz.😉

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