SOHO Tapas Bar [Andheri]

Let me start by alleviating your curiosity surrounding that name…

SOHO – From the “SoHo” street in NYC and its awe-inspiring art and art galleries

Tapas – Tapas are small bite-sized portions of food, i.e. appetizers

Bar – Really?




So there you go. SOHO Tapas Bar, an amazing place with a great ambience and delicious (read : mostly difficult to pronounce) appetizers and some really unique cocktails and mocktails. With its smart decor, brilliant music and some really great food, SOHO Tapas Bar makes for a great chilling and party place. The service is brilliant and friendly.

Get ready for some serious drool-gasm!!

Zucchini Rebozado – Zucchini lollipops served beautifully with fried spinach and spicy hot Chipotle Adobo sauce. As much a treat to the taste buds as to the eyes. It is on the crispy side and the sauce leaves a welcome spicy, garlic-y flavour behind.

Zucchini Rebozado


Stuffed Pimentos de Padron – Pimentos i.e. Cherry Peppers stuffed with cheese mushroom and served with feta yoghurt dip. A little on the spicier side. The dip is amazing, you would just keep wanting more of it!

Stuffed Pimentos de Padron


Quinoa & Risotto Arancini Balls – Crispy Risotto balls covered with parmesan and panko (breadcrumbs) and served with a spicy green sauce.

Quinoa & Risotto Arancini Balls


Chipotle Adobo Cottage Cheese – Cottage Cheese and vegetables tossed in spicy adobo sauce. The taste of garlic comes out strongly in this preparation.

Chipotle Adobo Cottage Cheese


Clay Oven Baked Wild Mushrooms – Baked mushrooms served with a tomato relish. The mushrooms have been made in such a way that they retain their taste and the outer coating of curd and spices adds a charred flavour to them. For a person who doesn’t like much of mushrooms, I sure had one too many of these. Highly recommended!!

Clay Oven Baked Wild Mushrooms


Beer Batter Onion Rings – Yummy crispy onion rings served with BBQ sauce.

Beer Batter Onion Rings

Clay Oven Baked Cottage Cheese – Baked cottage cheese served with a tangy mint sauce. One can taste the curd and the mint relish mix on the soft cottage cheese pieces but it does not leave a very distinct taste, thus not really satisfying your taste buds.

Clay Oven Baked Cottage Cheese


3-Smoked Peppers Flatbread – Flat Bread with toppings of Red Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper and, Jalapenos and 3-Cheese. This one is from their all-day menu and is delicious. Tangy sauce at the base and the jalapenos make for an amazing salsa partner with the generous loads of cheese!

3-Smoked Peppers Flatbread


Stuffed Cottage charred vegetable –Tamarind pepper sauce – Cottage Cheese and charred vegetables. The tamarind pepper sauce is just plain amazing. This one should definitely be on your must – try list!

Stuffed Cottage charred vegetable –Tamarind pepper sauce

Inspirational Veg Lasagne – Kolhapuri Style – At a loss of words to describe this incredibly delicious lasagne. It is cheesy and spicy at the same time and made to perfection. Undoubtedly my favourite dish on the menu!

Inspirational Veg Lasagne – Kolhapuri Style


Bakmi- Goreng – Bakmi Goreng is an Indonesian style wok, served with a sweet soy sauce. Delectable. This is one dish where the small portion size will really hurt you. You will definitely want to have more of this goodness.

Bakmi- Goreng

Also tried :
Ratatouille Stuffed Crepe – Passata  and Greek Veg Tangy Stew-Quinoa & Couscous Medley


The mocktails and cocktails :

Paradise Punch , Fresh fruit Martini,  Tiramisu,  Ash on Ice, and Rosemary Gimlet .

Paradise Punch


Nutella Blend and Black Currant Cooler.


Churros – Mexican cinnamon castor dusted churros served with toffee sauce. Though the churros were a little too hard, they win brownie points for the amazing toffee sauce. Perfect end to an insanely full blown meal!


Overall Experience: Amazing!! Perfect ambience and great food; add to that some insane music and good company, and you are good to go!




The Battle: Imagine eating so much that you have no place at all for dessert! Now you know why I stick to dessert first? Or imagine trying an appetizer only to realize that you like it so much that you could eat 10 more portions of that but by the time your hands each the platter for a second serving… woosh! It is all gone! But that is Tapas for you!

SOHO Tapas Bar – Google Maps

Soho Tapas Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 thoughts on “SOHO Tapas Bar [Andheri]

  1. I need a person who can spell those names there😨 ..hahahahah😁😁
    Nonetheless,I like those dishes and your photography plays a great role for my curiousness to read your blog.
    Keep up the good work.


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