Pop Tate’s [Andheri]

Today’s blog is dedicated to a place that is popular enough to not need a review and is present in a whole lot of our memories. I remember when going to Pop Tate’s was a ‘wow’ moment for us excited college kids! I myself have probably received tens of ‘treats’ at Pop Tate’s.

Want to sit and chill with a huge group ? – Pop Tate’s

Want to have some amazing sizzlers or pizzas? – Pop Tate’s

Could not find what you were looking for? – Arre, there is a Pop Tate’s nearby

Happy Hours and drinks of your mind – Pop Tate’s

And if none of the above – Chal, let’s go to Pop Tate’s

So this time, when we confused folks, for some reason could not narrow down on a place to satisfy our pizza craving (surprising I know, but confusion plays that way!!) and we landed upon Pop Tate’s. Listen, let’s just chuk this,  there is a Pop Tate’s near the signal – End of conversation!!

We reach the outlet in Andheri, opposite Infinity mall. It is huge and spacious with the Pop Tate’s feeling to it. The walls are decorated with posters of super hit albums and old Hollywood movies. The ambience is just perfect and the outlet is frequented by office -goers form areas nearby. This outlet is more on the sunlight part as compared to the other outlets I have visited that are dark no matter the time of the day!

We started with some chakna and old monk. We were at Pop Tate’s and it was happy hours. You blame us?

Classic Masala Peanuts


The Panzanella, a Tuscan salad of toasted bread and tomatoes was just amazing. It was hands down one of the best salads I have tried. Loaded with mushrooms,  zucchini, broccoli , bell peppers and tomatoes and topped with a sesame dressing, this salad was actually mouth watering. First salad ever to leave me wanting more! I wonder if I was alright!! :p



The French Fries were crispy and spicy due to the generous dose of peri – peri on top! And we kept reaching out for more throughout the meal!

French Fries

Next in line was the Wild Pepper Paneer. A delectable and spicy appetizer of cottage cheese tossed in spicy pepper sauce. The quantity is a little disappointing but over all satisfaction level is high with the soft cottage cheese covered with the spicy gravy melting in your mouth. Yumm!!

Wild Pepper Paneer

And then, finally it was time for what we came here for! Pizza Pizza Pizza!!

Wait till the last for the best? No no, we ordered it at the start but the waiter assumed we want it at the last! But if my meal ends on pizza note, I am not complaining!! Hot N Spicy Veggies Pizza, a delicious cheesy thin-crusted pizza with a delectable sauce at the base. I doubt we spoke even a single word for the five minuted the pizza lasted on our table!

Hot N Spicy Veggies Pizza

Overall Experience: The service is very friendly and they do not badger you with a notepad and pen every ten minutes. The food is great and almost pocket friendly! Almost my friends, almost! But they beat that with the great happy hour rates.

Food 🙂

Service 🙂

Ambience 🙂

The Battle: Battles are fought at every bite. The food is just too battle inducing, if you know what I mean! *winks*

Pop Tate's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “Pop Tate’s [Andheri]

  1. Amazing intro :-p it actually happens with me also…. something good to start on a sunday morning… nice food, nice ambience, good hangout place.


  2. Pop Tate’s is one place that has never disappointed me. With super deals in the happy hour one can have a great time without thinking much of the prices. Super hangout place for a group of friends, with beer, music and good food. 😊
    Try the Leaping Windows(cafe & comic library) in Andheri, it has got everything that u like .😉


    1. I agree with you Pinki. Pop Tate’s is a cool hangout.

      PS : Leaping Windows is one of my favorite places. It was my first ever blog 😍😍Please check that out and tell me how you like it! 😊😊


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