Tea Villa Cafe [Bandra]

Ya Ya, it is finally here! For all those of you who have been asking me about Tea Villa Cafe and for those who haven’t heard of the place as well (which century do you live in by the way?)

Tea Villa Cafe is a fairly new chain that has managed to create a whole lot of buzz around it. I remember passing by the Hill Road outlet and then altering my day’s schedule just to pay a visit to the cafe. The place looks beautiful. It is done up in white and black and silver and is just marvellous. The ambience is outstanding and the place is crowded even on a weekday noon.




After finally settling on a place to sit, I went through their extensive menu! I decided to first order coffee. My first order was the Triple Berry Coffee . Not much of a ‘hot’ and ‘strange things mixed in the coffee’ lover, this one blew my mind away! It is basically black coffee, mildly sweet with a strong blend of berries and dark chocolate dancing on your tongue with every sip. Mix that with a ton of whipped cream and the combination is stunning. The aroma is just as amazing. I think I haven’t stopped recommending this coffee to anyone who utters the name Tea Villa Cafe.

Triple Berry Coffee

The next order was of Chocolate Bolt. A cold coffee full of chocolate, the taste of which hits you like a bolt. An ideal name I say!


After satisfying the coffee buds in my tongue, it was time for some food. Not really very hungry, I decided to go for the Grill Paneer Sandwich. It has grilled paneer, roasted garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes topped with mayo. Sounded nice, but was such a disappointment. The happiness level that was reaching high up after the amazing dose of coffee came crashing down. I don’t think I had been that disappointed that quickly ever. I struggled to finish the sandwich (which I couldn’t) and got up and left.

Grill Paneer Sandwich
Grill Paneer Sandwich


Nope, it doesn’t end there!

As I said, the place has created a whole lot of buzz and after being continually flooded with messages that went along the lines of ‘I must try Tea Villa Cafe’, I decided to give it another shot. This time, I visited the outlet at Vile Parle.

It was a Sunday morning, and the cafe was partially filled. I was actually put off by the condition of the cafe. It was sprawling with flies. Granted it is the monsoon, and the cafe is located on a busy road, but that is no excuse to be so indifferent to cleanliness. The caretakers tried their best to clean up the mess, but it was futile since it was too late.  Anyway, getting past that, we decided to get on to business – food!!

Oreo Waffle

We started with the Oreo Waffles. The waffles were just mind blowing. Loaded with Oreo crumbs, white & dark chocolate sauce it was heavenly! The serve this with a melted chocolate which is delicious, but solidifies after a while! Why wait a while to finish the goodness anyway?

Oreo Waffle



Well, after the amazing waffles, I was starting to feel a little optimistic about the food. We ordered the Villa Special Fries Basket ,  which comes with a mix of potato wedges and sweet potato fries. It is served with three different sauces. I am of the opinion that if a place that has great coffee and can nail french fries, the place is a gem.

Villa Special Fries Basket


Just as I was about to write myself off for my previous opinion about their food, they decided to prove me right. We ordered the Penne Pasta in Pesto Cream Sauce, (make your own). To say that the pasta was a disappointment will be letting it off the hook too easy. We struggled to finish it.

Penne Pasta in Pesto Cream Sauce


We also ordered Crunchy Cream and Mocha Frappe both of which were amazing.


Overall Experience: Some places just leave you disappointed beyond reason. The coffee & tea served at Tea Villa Cafe is just plain amazing. The variety, the perfection, is mind blowing. But I would not be giving them another chance for their food definitely!

Food 😦

Service 🙂

Ambience 🙂

The Battle: On the brighter side, it will be a struggle to find one favourite coffee (or tea) here. They are just mind blowing!

Tea Villa Cafe , Bandra – Google Maps

Tea Villa Cafe , Vile Parle – Google Maps
Tea Villa Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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