Hungry Head [Powai]

Hungry Head is a Maggi heaven!!

They serve Maggi is ways we had not imagined (at least I had not). There are Maggi Subs, Maggi Bhel, Burger Maggi and Pizza Maggi!! And this on top of their favourite Maggi and exotic Maggi options! So much Maggi!! ❤

It is a small joint in Hakone area in Powai. There is a small open sitting area and the service is self-service, although they do take a little longer than usual to prepare the food.

From among the crazy range of Maggi, we tried the Red Dragon Maggi. Red Dragon is a spicy schezwan based Maggi, a great option if you love your Maggi Chinese style.

Red Dragon Maggi

We also ordered the Aglio-e-Olio Maggi, which is on the drier side. It is filled with vegetables and an overdose of garlic, but delicious nonetheless. The Three Cheese Maggi is apt for the cheese lover in you. The taste of Maggi is completely lost in the generous overdose of cheese, which is not how I would prefer my cheese Maggi.

Aglio-e-Olio Maggi
Three Cheese Maggi

We also ordered Mint Mayo Fries, decent quantity and really fresh crispy fries. Next we tried the Exotic Veg Maggiza, which is a thick crust pizza topped with Maggi and vegetables and tons of cheese! I almost burnt my tongue in the hurry to try it and it was totally worth it!

Mint Mayo Fries
Exotic Veg Maggiza

We also tried their Aglio-e-Olio Pasta, which was super yummy and moderately spicy.

Aglio-e-Olio Pasta
Peach Iced Tea

Overall Experience: There is no dearth of options to satiate your taste buds in Powai. But one that keeps the tummy as well as the pockets happy, that one is hard to find. This place is worth a visit to grab some quick bite (which they serve a little slowly : D )

Service 🙂 

Food 🙂 

Ambience 🙂

The Battle: When there is Maggi involved,  do I really need to specify what was the hardest thing to do? It’s Maggi, one cannot stop eating Maggi!!

Hungry Head – Google Maps

Hungry Head Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 thoughts on “Hungry Head [Powai]

  1. Maggi Addiction!😍😍😍😍
    This is the first time I explored that we can have ‘Maggi’ in lot more ways.
    Pretty cool place.
    From where do you explore such places…honestly reading your blogs is worth it.😉

    Liked by 1 person

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