House of Asia – The Mirador [Chakala]

I went here recently to try their Sunday Brunch, and came home with at least 5kgs added!! The wide expanse of the Sunday brunch menu is overwhelming.They have Oriental, Mexican, North Indian, and even live Chaat, Dosa,Dimsums, and Waffle Counters among others like the Gujarati Farsan counter, Popcorn and other munchies and a massively large range of desserts on offer!


We started with some Mocktails and starters and soup served on the table. The Coriander Shorba was a delicious start to the meal. Perfect consistency with all the flavors coming alive in your mouth!

Coriander Shorba


Paneer Gulkand Tikka

Paneer Gulkand Tikka – Soft, juicy chunks of Paneer tossed in a cheesy sauce with a filling of Gulkand (rose petal jam). The combination of sweet and savory was well maintained in this innovative starter.

Paneer Aachari
Tofu Chilly









Paneer Aachari, succulent pieces of paneer tossed in a moderately spicy gravy.

Tofu Chilly  was one of the items to whom justice had not been done. Hard outer covering with a completely bland piece of tofu inside, not what I imagined.

The Veg. Crispy and Singori/Harabhara Kabab  were your average starters, not much different from what one generally expects. Decent presentation and well made.

Crispy Vegetables
Singori/Harabhara Kaba








The Veg Dimsums were what everyone went gaga over. Steamed just the right amount with a delicious filling!


To be frank, the starters, except one or two, were not something to write home about. But what the starters could not achieve was more than fulfilled by the main course and the desserts!

There were many options for main course, from North Indian to Continental to Chinese. What I stuck to, mainly ‘coz I could not get enough, were the delicious Mughlai/Lucknowi options. What flavors and what textures! Fabulous!!

My absolute favourites were the Sabz Awadhi and Dal Bukhari. Sheer marvels! Perfectly spiced, with creamy smooth taste, almost slipping through the tongue! The Dal Bukhari was an absolute delight, basically dal makhani with a crazy quantity of butter adding such a rich flavour that you are left spellbound!

Sabz Awadhi

What needs a special mention is their Butter Naan. Now you would say why will anyone mention a Naan. That is the thing about flatbreads and rice, those food items that we think of only as an accessory to a good meal. But, these are the ones that can make or break a meal, and one won’t even realize it! The Butter Naan at House of Asia was one of the reason for my over-indulgence in the main course.

Now coming to the highlight of the meal, the desserts! Crazy variety and mind numbing flavours!! Almost all the options whether Indian desserts or otherwise were delectable!!

What I absolutely loved were Chocolate Soil Cake, Chocolate Mousse (Chocolate Temptation), Rasmalai, Mango Souffle, Red Velvet Cupcakes and Gulab Jamun. 

 The Mango Souffle was one of the best mango desserts I have had, with its melt in the mouth texture, I bet you cannot have just one!

The Chocolate Mousse was equally tempting with an apt name – Chocolate Temptation. Delicious consistent flavour, just plain delight!

What stole the chocolate show with its look as well as taste was the Chocolate Soil Cake, once you get over the fear of spoiling such a pretty looking dessert, you will not be able to stop devouring it.

We started with the Rasmalai saying ‘just one bite, let’s share’, which changed immediately after the first bite to ‘I want one/two/ten more of these. I am not sharing any!!’.

The Banoffee Pie was banana based and was okay types. So were the Newyork Cheese Cake and Pineapple Butter Pudding.

We had Almond Punch, Pudhina Mocktail and Virgin Mojito,  all super refreshing and full of flavours!


Overall Experience: Amazing food with a wide variety, you are sure to find something you would love. Very friendly and courteous service.




The Battle: Please scroll up a little, a little more…till you reach the dessert part, and then think, do I really need to answer what the battle was? You just can’t have them all and you just can’t stay without trying them all!

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