The Playlist Pizzeria [Bandra]

There are some places, that you can’t get over. They get their food right and then they find themselves in all your right books! One such place is The Playlist Pizzeria. I really like the pizza’s here and the place often finds mention in my favourite pizza places!

Previous Blog – The Playlist Pizzeria

Recently, when we were pizza – hungry (yup, that is a state of hunger) we decided to go to Playlist again. We braved the crazy WEH traffic at peak evening hours and made our way to this rocking pizza place, and boy was it worth it!!

We started with the Playlist Signature Garlic Bread. One of the best garlic bread I have had. Super thin crust and topped with a crazy amount of cheese and the perfect quantity of garlic! Fingers were licked, I shall warn you!

Playlist Signature Garlic Bread

Then was time for what we came here for – Pizzas!! We ordered Lost and Found Reverb and Hips Don’t Lie .

Lost and Found is the perfect minimal pizza that you can get. Thin crust pizza topped with a Chef’s special tomato sauce, tons of olives and oodles of cheese! The tomato sauce at the base leaves a slightly tangy taste and then there is cheese! Perfect if you don’t like much to come between you and mozzarella….

Lost and Found


Hip’s Don’t Lie is a low cheese pizza (I wonder why we do that to ourselves!) with a whole lot of toppings and olive oil on top! This one is for you if you like your pizza virtually healthy. The jalapenos give a spicy taste with the tangy sauce at the base finishing the job right. Personally, I am not much of a fan!

Hips Don’t Lie


Then comes the highlight of the pizza party – Reverb. I have been in love with this one since I tried it first (Check out the earlier post – The Playlist Pizzeria ). Crispy thin crust pizza with cottage cheese (paneer) ,  chillies and onions and loads of cheese!! Whatever it is with us and our fascination with paneer in pizza, it just couldn’t get better! Still drooling!!



Happiness! 🙂

My two cents : The Playlist Pizzeria is a place all pizza lovers should give a try. You may just end up finding your pizza soulmate here!


Playlist Pizzeria , Bandra – Google Maps






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