The American Joint [BKC]

Whoever said don’t judge a book by its cover was probably talking about organic food….

Always having assumed organic food to be boring, we were in for a surprise when we recently visited The American Joint. The place has a calm cozy ambience with good music and amazing staff. They are just ready to help and offer you a smile. The American Joint takes pride in its pro-ecological efforts through their energy efficient interiors and their servings.


Some delicious blend of flavours and Indo-American cuisines, we left the place smiling!

Here’s what we tried :

Mountain O’ Nachos ,  the classic Nachos loaded with vegetables (yup, fresh and organic), black beans and a delicious queso sauce (a dip with queso cheese and chilli). There was something amazing about the taste of this dip, no wonder they call it their signature sauce. The quantity was amazing and the nachos were delicious to the last bite!

Mountain O’ Nachos
Mountain O’ Nachos

From the coolers/ drinks, we had Lemon Ice Tea and Watermelon Lime Spritzer. Watermelon Lime Spritzer was my favourite, made with organic watermelon and mint, this one was delicious with the lime twist. You will definitely reach out for another sip!

Next, we were recommended their signature dish Mac & Tikka. I haven’t mixed two dishes I promise. But I am so glad they did. This one is mouth watering even at this hour! What a delightful combination of super hot and cheesy Macaroni and Cheese (obviously!) and a rich flavourful gravy. The gravy most definitely gave an Indian twist to this American dish. Infused with garlic and onions and tomatoes, the gravy made the mac & cheese taste wonderfully Indian. Recommended!

Mac & Tikka

For desserts, we had the Ferrero Nutella Mousse, a delicious mousse cake, thick, consistent and so chocolaty. Dusted with cinnamon sugar, this one was marvellous!

Ferrero Nutella Mousse


Overall Experience: Delicious food, amazing concept and warm service. Love the place!

My regret is that I do not have a spare tummy that I can use when the primary one betrays my heart, who desperately wants to try a little more. I am definitely coming back for more, especially the Paneer Masala Melt and Coffee & Donuts, both of which customers have been raving about!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: You will fight whoever is with you for that last serving of Mac & Tikka. Make sure you win that battle, ‘coz it is worth it! I did!!

The American Joint – Google Maps

The American Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “The American Joint [BKC]

  1. Mac & tikka 😍…..seems like “Angreji dish with Desi Tadka”.😁😁😁
    But one should also try Mirabella- bar m kitchen. …..a classy n cosy European style càfe @Andheri Lokhandwala

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