Jamjar Diner [Versova]

Jamjar Diner is one of those places that figures on everybody’s bucket list or favourite places to be list. Inside the turquoise blue facade is a beautiful and quirky place, with the much-mentioned jukebox, old book cabinets hanging awkwardly on the walls, crockery, empty glass jars in the most vibrant colours, etc…. that takes you by surprise and you fall in love with it instantly .

There are three sections, the ground floor, a mezzanine section and an open terrace section with mosaic tiles and cozy seating. I have seen many parties and get-togethers happen here. A perfect place for such events! Cute interiors, soft music, delicious food and good service make Jamjar a place you just can-not-miss out on. As for their name, they serve their drinks in cute jam jars. Just like the food menu, the drinks menu is pretty extensive with some amazing experiment..that are again served in jars.

I have visited this place many times and it still remains on my mind as my go to place for some fun time with my friends.

Here is a peep into what we tried the last time:

Classic Masala Cheese Omelette was just delicious. With the perfect amount of cheese and the delicious dip, it is one of the best omelettes I have tried.

Masala Cheese Omelette


Cheddar Chilli Balls

Cheddar Chilli Balls are just delicious. Each of these balls is filled with delectable and melted cheddar cheese, and the chilli part is added by the jalapenos that these balls are served on. What a delicious combo! What is best is that it is not at all chewy, even when it is cold.

The Smoked Paprika fries are good too. Crispy & fresh.




Smoked Paprika Fries
Fire Roasted Veggies Tacos and Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread

Fire Roasted Veggies Tacos are delicious with a mildly spicy filling of veggies and black beans and a tangy dip served along with it. The quantity of the filling is overwhelming and it just kept falling out of out tacos! Not that I am complaining, like a perfect middle class Indian, I devoured it with the tortilla chips! 😉 😄

The Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread and  Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino Pasta were good too.




Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino Pasta

The drinks at Jamjar are pretty strong, so don’t underestimate their capacity to intoxicate you. Especially love their Jargaritas.


We were in for a surprise with the Flower Pot Surprise. There are layers of brownie, topped with ice cream and marshmallows and some more brownie only to be finished with oreo soil on top. A gourmet creation!

A word of caution : The flower is not edible! 😉

Flower Pot Surprise


Overall Experience: Perfect! I reiterate, this place has an amazing ambience and good food. Not exactly light on the pocket, but worth it nonetheless!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: I did not want to leave this place. I was made to. And when that happens… you know what happens! On a serious note, Jamjar Diner makes you wanna stay a little longer. The amazing vibe of this place holds you back, to eat a little more and drink a little more.

Jamjar Diner – Google Maps

Jamjar Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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