Prithvi Café [Juhu]

Ever heard of an oxymoron? It is an oxymoron when contradictory terms are used in the same sentence, maybe to describe the same thing. Language can be excitingly confusing! So can be people. And places. Yes, places indeed.

Calm and noisy? Peaceful and buzzing? Hidden but well-known? That is Prithvi Cafe for me. It is one of my favourite places to go to. Be it just to spend some time alone or to hang out with friends, it is always a ‘yes’ if the question is ‘Prithvi?’ 

Prithvi cafe is an open air cafe, in the crowded Juhu area, but a little away from the crazy hustle and bustle of traffic. Surrounded by trees, and bamboos, with black granite seatings. It also has a partially covered area that overlooks the kitchen. Prithvi cafe is crowded. Always crowded, and the crowd is increasing with time. But go here in the afternoon and you may be lucky enough to find a quiet corner for yourself and your book and coffee. People are always waiting to grab a spot here and fighting to stay a little longer.

While you are here, try and catch a play, or just look around and you will always stumble upon a Theatre or Bollywood personality. Give the quaint little Prithivi Bookshop a chance, or just be content hanging out with some amazing food to nibble on.

My favourite thing to have here is Beer Bottle Chaas. It is delicious and always puts first timers into a confusion. A lot many people have given me stinky eyes and confused glances over these!

Beer Bottle Chaas

I recommend almost everything on the menu here. Here is a peep into what we tried on our last visit to Prithvi Cafe :

Pav Bhaji here is lip-smackingly delicious. The Cottage Cheese, Pesto & Corn Pizza  is a cheesy thin crust pizza. The base sauce gives is a tangy taste. Cheese Chilli Toast is a cheesy delight, although it lacks the chilli part, add a few chilli flakes and you are good to go.


The chaats here are always a good option. Penne in mixed sauce  is delicious pasta. Cheesy creamy sauce that leaves you wanting more. We licked the last residue off of the dish! I recommend this one to all!

The parathas here are made hot, right in front of you (or behind depending on where you sit) and the aroma makes your mouth water till they finally arrive on your table. Aloo Paratha  was served with curd and a bowl of delectable Dal Makhni.


Penne in mixed sauce
Aloo Paratha









Black Forest Jar is goodness in a jar.  Not very sweet, with layers of cream, brownie and topped with a cherry. Delicious. Their Bun Maska and Cutting Chai are mass favourites. I can vouch for the bun maska, try the tea for yourself! 😛😛

Black Forest Jar
Peace Iced Tea

Overall Experience: The service here is so so. Some of the servers are too overburdened, and some just don’t care. Prithvi Cafe is not exactly easy on the pocket, but not very pricey either.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 😐



The Battle: One doesn’t feel like leaving the alive and kicking atmosphere behind. And I can’t seem to get enough of their Beer Bottle Chass!

Prithvi Cafe – Google Maps

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One thought on “Prithvi Café [Juhu]

  1. “Beer bottle chaas” would be more delectable if it comes with the liquid for which the bottle is meant for ….hahahahah😆😆😉😉

    Try Pav bhaji @Sai Samarth pav bhajiwala near Vile parle station.


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