The BlackBox Café [Kandivali]

When I say take me back to college… I am sure all of you out there will say to me, take us back with you if you find a way! Who doesn’t want to get back to college…. the fun, good ol’ days!

Now you ask me why this sudden nostalgic blabber? ‘Coz I recently visited this amazing little place near my graduation college, The BlackBox Cafe.

The cafe is a baby of a group of youngsters and located in an enviable spot with educational institutes just a hop, skip and jump away. This group of friends surely knows what it is doing!

‘Coz the cafe gets every single thing right…. from the location to the ambience to the board games to lip-smacking food to being super pocket-friendly! Ten minutes and one bite into a marvellous burger later….I only wished for time to turn back to my college days, with this place in existence so I could spend every other day here!!


The cafe is super crowded, but then what are the odds that it won’t be? The place just comes alive with the crowd, groups playing board games or watching a match on the projector screen and there was another one occupying the foosball table area…. even the outside seating was full. The only thing I did not like about my visit here was that the groups outside were smoking like there is no tomorrow…. Granted that the owners can’t complain about that… I only hope that they do jump in if someone is inconvenienced by it. Anyways, coming to the most important part, food.

We started with mocktails…. The Dark Side and Fresh Lime Soda. We asked for the lime soda to be made neither to sweet nor to salty and they got it right! The Dark Side is a mixture of Kiwi syrup and Pineapple juice blended together in Thums Up, and it was really nice. Not too sweet… adequate soda and one could taste a little of both kiwi and pineapple. Thumbs up to that I say!

The Dark Side and Fresh Lime Soda

Lately, I have been overstuffing myself with burgers and I decided to keep the tradition alive! 😛 And as usual, I was confused with which one to try so we ordered all on their menu…. Nope, not kidding! We ordered The Motherload , a platter of all their burgers – Double Cheese Veggie Burger, Jalapeno Corn Burger, Mushroom Burger, Red Bean Burger and NutCracker Burger in mini form! Mother of God, what kickass burgers! (Trying the college lingo… yup, I still have it in me. Let’s travel back through time, please now!)

Sorry for the digression, to say the burgers were delicious is a huge understatement. The burgers were bloody damn delicious. (Yup, definitely still there!) Every mini burger was loaded with a huge patty and cheese. One could tell which burger was which just by the ingredients.. which is a relief ‘coz I have seen the same patty sold with five different names earlier!

The Motherload

NutCracker – Peanuts, cashew nuts, corn, green chilli, beans and lettuce. Nuttilicious.

Jalapeno Corn – Jalapeno ,  corn (duh!), chilli. This one was a tad spicy given the Jalapenos.

Mushroom – Loaded with pepper, mushrooms and red chilli flakes. Yum Yum!

Red Bean – A black bean (Rajma) based patty, with veggies and chilli… this one was good too!

Double Cheese Veggie – Loaded with veggies, all you can imagine, broccoli, beans to chillies… delicious to the last bite!


We then tried the Ratatouille, which they nailed. Loaded with all the vegetables that make an authentic Ratatouille, perfectly spiced and tossed with Fettuccine. For those who do not care about the nitty gritties but only the food, this was essentially a tomato gravy based, mild spicy loaded pasta! Delicious and super filling!


Really full, we had to call it a day. Only wish I could try their very famous Mac & Cheese, there is definitely going to be a next time!

Overall Experience: Perfect. Amazing food and good ambience made our day!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Fighting the tears when The Motherload was finished. Those burgers are aahmaaziinggg! (Yup, definitely still got it!! 😛 )

The BlackBox Cafe – Google Maps

The BlackBox Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 thoughts on “The BlackBox Café [Kandivali]

  1. Finally you arrived at the Black Box Cafe.I was keenly looking for this specially for your views abt “The Motherload”.😍😍

    Initially I was reluctant to try this place.But now I always prefer this when it comes to ‘burger’.

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