Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe [Oshiwara]

Do you know the happiness when you tick off something from your bucket list? Especially when you tick if off really content and happy? That is how I felt… content, happy and full when I ticked off Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe from my bucket list!!

Dinshaw’s Xpress is a hospitality venture from the famous ice cream brand. The cafe is located in Oshiwara, in the lane of Mega Mall to be precise and is a cute little cafe, with limited seating and delicious food. They have an inside AC seating as well as an open air seating. The service is friendly and the prices do not burn a hole in one’s pocket. The menu is pretty spread out covering everything from finger foods to pizza to burger and some delicious rice & gravy dishes and not to forget the decadent desserts – waffles, sundaes, and milkshakes!


Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe is one of those places that have a brand name even before they are out there in the market and one of the even fewer that deserve that! You are going to be raving about the food here to everyone you know and you are going to come back! Why do I say that? Well, let’s take a look at what we tried and then answer this question?

Paneer Paprika

Paneer Paprika : This one still makes my mouth water! The Paprika sauce they use is just plain delicious – creamy and mildly spicy, just perfect 😍😍 Soft succulent piece of paneer (cottage cheese), perfectly marinated and then covered generously in the paprika sauce. We four four people and we finished it in less than four minutes, wherein we took the extra 3 minutes just to appear civilized!

Dinshaw’s House Fries

Dinshaw’s House Fries, crispy peri-peri fries served with three dips – a mayo and cheese dip, coleslaw, and a delicious and creamy beetroot based dip.

Smack That, which is garlic bread with cheese and fries and more cheese on top. Everything good in the world there is… but this one was not anything like its interesting name or explanation. This was one dish that left us disappointed. The bread was too thick and really dry,wonder where all the cheese in the explanation went and the taste was basically bland…don’t smack this one!

Smack That

From the burgers,we had – Hot Chilli Glazed Cottage Cheese Burger and Crunchy Bistro.

Hot Chilli Glazed Cottage Cheese Burger
Crunchy Bistro

Hot Chilli Glazed Cottage Cheese Burger is just mindblowing. A soft delicious piece of cottage cheese, marinated in a spicy sauce, topped with cheese and veggies and tons of sauce… delicious! This one is an absolute must  have from their burgers! Crunchy Bistro is a burger with a delicious crunchy patty of veggies, cheese, and mayo sauce served with a delicious pudhina chutney. The burgers are served with peri-peri fries and delicious dips and chutneys.

I have already raved about their paprika sauce and because we could not have enough of this delight… we ordered two more dishes with paneer paprika sauce! 😍

Yes, that is how much we loved it. Nope, not getting enough of it any day soon!

Pan Fried Paneer with Rice & Fries which originally comes in a roast sauce but we asked them to make it in Paprika sauce… a delicious combination of paneer gravy and rice. Super filling and so yummy! Oh and there were fries!

Pan Fried Paneer with Rice & Fries
Countryside Roasted Paprika with Veggies, Fries, and Herbed Rice

Countryside Roasted Paprika with Veggies, Fries, and Herbed Rice,  a delicious gravy with loads of veggies and herbed rice. So delicious and filling! Do give one of these a shot when you visit Dinshaw’s. Oh and even more fries! 😉😉

Dinshaw’s Xpress has an insane variety of desserts to choose from, and you cannot have just one. We tried the Oreo Dunks and Cookie Crunch Sundae. 

Cookie Crunch

Oreo Dunks are crispy waffles topped with Oreo crush and drizzled with lots of chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Cookie Crunch Sundae is a marvellous creation! Lots of chocolate ice cream, Oreo cookies, chocolate sand, chocolate sauce and waffer….so much chocolate that it is overwhelming. Yuumilicious!!







Oreo Dunks


Overall Experience: Amazing. Delicious food and even more delicious desserts. The cafe is not very heavy on the pocket and totally worth every penny you pay!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Not barging into the kitchen and immersing myself in a pool of their paneer paprika was a battle I still am fighting. Oh, I need them now….anyone game for it? No? Good..I anyways don’t plan on sharing! 😉

Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe – Google Maps

Dinshaw's Xpress Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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