Bombay to Barcelona [Marol]


Some places have beautiful stories behind them and some people have hearts of gold! One such beautiful story is hidden in this beautiful and cozy cafe  – Bombay to Barcelona. Bombay to Barcelona is a library cafe, a dream child of a man who spent years on the street and dreamt of starting a cafe where any child could grab a bite, irrespective of the weight in their pocket.

Visiting Bombay to Barcelona had been on my list for quite some time and a long weekend gave me the chance to devour some delicious food here! The

The ambience is quaint, quiet and very welcoming. The hosts are just amazing, ready to engage in a conversation, and a smile so broad, that you can’t help smile irrespective of the day you had. The cafe has a spaced out seating inside and few tables outside as well. The walls are lined with beautiful art showcasing an essence of Bombay as well as Barcelona along with some intriguing books. There is a cabinet full of cards, clothes, and accessories made by the kids from the sister orphanage for sale.

The cafe has an open kitchen, with chefs (who are also kids from the orphanage) making some mouth watering dishes. There is no concept of a physical paper menu and the dishes/items available are written on a blackboard above the kitchen. Not a massive menu, but the food is just plain amazing!

We decided to order the menu of the day, which was  – Spaghetti al Pesto, Grilled Mushrooms and Baked Yoghurt with Blueberry Crush/Sauce. The actual dessert of the day was a brownie, which we were given an option to top up, to the baked yoghurt, which also came with many options like blueberry,  strawberry, chocolate.

We called for the dessert first. Baked Yoghurt is just delicious. The consistency and creamy texture are mouthwatering! Add to it the delicious blueberry crush and the combination is  heavenly! We could not help but ask them how they made it and learned that it was prepared in-house and has a particular (read secret) proportion in which the condensed cream and yoghurt are mixed! This is a must have here! Not too sweet, a very intriguing sour (very mild and much wanted) and creamy taste… you are bound to reach out for another bite!

Baked Yoghurt with Blueberry Crush

Next came another marvel, Grilled Mushrooms. Mushrooms filled with cheese, grilled and topped with Zucchini and a little more cheese, this is one grilled goodness! Very mildly spiced,  the flavours are kept alive and added to by olive oil and cheese! By now, we were going gaga over the delicious food.

Grilled Mushroom
Ajwain Cookies

We were asked if we wanted our Spaghetti spicy or would like the original Spanish flavour? Knowing how notorious Pesto  is for being bland, we decided to go with the spicy option. We were informed that it would take ten minutes and were served Ajwain Cookies on the house while we waited!

The cookies were fresh and had the mild bitter taste, ajwain is known for. They are available for sale at the counter along with a few other items.

The strong and drool-inducing aroma of basil hit us before the plate hit the table. Spaghetti al Pesto could very well have been named Spaghetti al Awesome and one would not be able to tell the difference. Perfectly cooked, dolled up with herbs and green chili adding the spicy tinge to it… this one was perfection! We were advised to add a little more of the herbs and rock salt seasoning to the spaghetti and it did wonders to an already amazing dish!

Spaghetti al Pesto

Beetroot Yoghurt Sandwich was a triple layered sandwich, stuffed with a mixture of the said two ingredients. Neither of the two overpowered the other’s taste, with curd/yoghurt adding a tangy sour taste to the beetroot crush. We asked for our sandwich grilled and in brown bread, which was served with ketchup, which to be frank, we did not even touch! The sandwich itself has a great taste and needs no addition.

Beetroot Yoghurt Sandwich

Overall Experience : Amazing! The ambience and service are amazing and the food is above par! Totally worth every single penny!

We shelled Rs. 630 for the hearty meal and are surely going again! There are books to be read and coffee to be tried!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : Even though the premise of the cafe is Sharing is Caring, you will not want to share even a bite of your food with anyone no matter how dear!! The food here is just scrumptious and amazing!

Bombay to Barcelona – Google Maps

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