63 By-Lane [Kandivali]

Getting up on a Sunday is a task for me. And getting ready and leaving the house is the ultimate sacrifice I could make. So when I do make these sacrifices, I want them to be bloody worth it – either it be worth or it will be bloody,  or it will be bloody either ways, depends on my mood and my food.

This Sunday was not bloody, though. Pizza saved the day. And pasta. With a little help from salad! How? Well, we visited 63 By-Lane and loved it!

63 By Lane is a fairly new kid on the block, serving some insanely delicious food. They take pride in fresh ingredients and quality and they score 100% on these parameters.

Cute little shop in one of the  lanes of Thakur Village, but you can trust Google Maps to take you there without any hassle. Dressed in pretty whites and blacks, the outlet has an open seating with a few tables as well as high chairs One can choose from their  specials menu or can choose to make their own – pizza or pasta or salad.

The sauces are made in-house and fresh every day and they are amazing – which you will find out as you drool all over you devices….ahemmm, I mean read further! Everything from the packaging to cleanliness has been taken good care of. They deliver to nearby areas and are soon planning to come up with tabs so as to help sail through the make your own options with ease! The pizzas here are stone baked and Italian in every way with their crispy thin crusts and the cheese!


Here’s a peep, no scratch that…. here’s a really shameless stare into what we tried and absolutely loved at 63 By-Lane.


Pizza 91 – Barbeque Sauce pizza. One of the specials here, and why should it not be? Perfect thin crust, delicious barbeque sauce with the perfect sweet-tangy flavour, loads of cheese and cottage cheese (paneer). Top that with onions, capsicum and bell pepper and you have yourself a delight!

Pizza 91

Pizza 4 – Four Cheese Pizza. Or should I say four times the awesomeness pizza? Imagine the perfect thin crust and then imagine cheese on the crust, and only cheese, and lots of it! Perfectly melted, the flavours mixing together and creating a mouth watering blend while each standing out. Confusingly delicious and deliciously cheesy!

Pizza 4

Pizza 81 – Mushrooms, olives and arugula leaves. Tangy tomato based sauce at the base and cheese. Simple is beautiful? Indeed!


Pizza 81


Nutella Pizza – Stuffed with caramelized bananas, loads of Nutella and then topped with more Nutella and Chocolate Chips! I am not a fan of chocolate and Nutella on my pizza, but this one was amazing! Must try for all the Nutella Lovers! Pure indulgence!


Nutella Pizza



Pasta 63 –Spaghetti drowned in lip-smacking mushroom cream sauce. This one will make your taste buds fall in love with mushrooms! Thick consistent sauce with the flavours of cheese, sour cream and mushrooms blending, making you want to lick the box in fear of wasting  even a drop! Must have here, you surely won’t regret!

Pasta 63


Pasta 81 – Spaghetti Aglio-e-olio pasta. Perfect dry garlic sauce and chilli flakes, neither too dry nor dripping with oil. Mild spicy flavour with loads of veggies like tomatoes(sun-dried – they use canned variety), basil and olives  and garnished with Parmesan cheese.

Pasta 81


Pasta 10 – Basil Pesto Penne Pasta. They nailed the thick creamy sauce and basil got the aroma right! Loved every bite of this. Lots of veggies and cheese.

Pasta 10

Pasta 80 – Penne Arrabbiata Pasta, loaded with veggies and basil leaves and topped with Parmesan. The sauce used for the pasta is just delicious – tomato puree and onions along with chilli.

Pasta 80



Salad 10 – Watermelon Feta Salad. Fresh watermelons, topped with arugula leaves, walnuts, basil and perfect, soft and salty feta cheese. Drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette dressing , this one is a healthy delight!

Salad 10


 Make your own salad – Quinoa + Lettuce + Tomatoes + Onions +Corn + Olives +  Mix seeds + Lemon + Vinegar. What a delight! If only I knew a salad could be so delicious, I would be having more of it! I am definitely having more of this, though!

Oh and PS: The number of ingredients you add do not change what you pay, so go ahead and load your salad with everything you like! And they are generous with the toppings and dressings!



Cheese Garlic Bread – Crispy base and topped with cheese. Not a hint of chewiness!

Cheese Garlic Bread

Fresh Lime Water – Not too sweet, neither too tangy. Lime water with basil seeds or what we call sabja/sabza and mint leaves. Refreshing citrusy flavour.

Chilled Lemon Tea – Lemon flavoured Ice Tea with mint leaves.


Fresh Lime Water and Chilled Lemon Tea


Overall Experience : What you give to the universe, the universe gives back to you! And you guys at 63 By-Lane are sending out awesomeness! Amazing food, friendly service and more amazing food!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : I loved everything over here! To pick one in itself is a battle. But my vote will go to Pasta 63! Oh man, the taste! Try it to believe me!

In today’s world, with no lack of options, making one boast about a restaurant they visited and being on the will definitely visit again list is a praiseworthy task!

63 By Lane – Google Maps

63 By-Lane Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 thoughts on “63 By-Lane [Kandivali]

  1. Amazing!😊
    What’s the secret behind the numbers after every pizza’s and pasta’s.
    Should confuse them of their dishes with the numbers….might get an altogether different pizza or pasta.😂😂😹🙈


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