Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters [Mahalaxmi]

I am a caffeine addict. Whoever knows me knows that I am a sucker for good coffee. But my coffee universe is quite small even after being crazy about it. Recently, I have been trying to expand this universe. When you love something, you gotta know all their many faces right?

This was one aspect that attracted me to Blue Tokai Coffee Roaster (I am just gonna say Blue Tokai, nicknames and all you see? Love is talking! 😉)…. so anyway, the amazing coffee culture was one aspect that attracted me to Blue Tokai,apart from its very inviting but sophisticated ambience.

Blue Tokai Coffee is not a place for the novices, so definitely not a place for those of us (yes, us) who know two kinds of coffee – Cold Coffee and Cappuccino and sometimes a third one, Latte.Though, that should not refrain anyone of us from treating our taste buds with some strong, mind blowing coffee.

But be informed, the gates of this place are sometimes closed for customers because they have various coffee brewing/cake baking/etc. etc. sessions. It is better to check for updates on their social media pages before you drive all way to town and through the narrow lanes near Shakti Mills in hopes of a good cup of coffee. ‘Coz that hurts, believe me, I have been there and done that. They do offer takeaway though, when one of these private sessions are on, but it is not the same.

So anyway, let’s get to some Coffee business, shall we?

Cold Brew – Black coffee served cold (and with more ice), this is not for the faint-hearted. Pour the sugar syrup with care. Very strong coffee aroma and a mild chocolaty flavour.

Cold Brew

Coffee Tonic – Coffee meets tangy in this unique combination of tonic (red bull) and espresso. Tangy taste gives a strong caffeine kick.

Coffee Tonic

Affogato – This is more of a coffee and ice cream based dessert. Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream with espresso. You first devour the delicious coffee flavoured ice cream and then drink the coffee. A little less of a shock for us cold coffee fanatics.



Cappuccino – A strong cup of cappuccino dusted with sea salt chocolate.



We tried some of their mind blowing desserts and munchies as well.

Cheddar and Pepper Cookies – Don’t worry, I had not heard about such a cookie as well, so you are not alone! Melt in the mouth cookies, you can taste cheddar in every bite. They taste so amazing when hot.

Cheddar and Pepper Cookies

Custard Cruffin – A marvellous twist to the good ‘ol croissant, delicious creamy custard oozing out with every bite. Dusted with powder sugar this beauty is a must have here! ❤❤


Custard Cruffin

Almond Croissant – Perfectly flaky and buttery, the outer layer was crisp and glazed with honey with lots of almonds. The inner layers were soft and butter and had sugar syrup, not making them too sweet, but rather just perfect. Loved this one!! ❤

Almond Croissant

The desserts and other nibbles here are not prepared in-house but are sourced from some of the most amazing eateries and joints on this side of the town. For example, the croissants are from The Table and the cruffins are from Magazine Street Kitchen.

Overall Experience : Amazing. Just perfect. Peaceful calm ambience, good music, a window facing seat and a confusingly good coffee. The service is amazing as well and they readily help you make a choice or tell you the right way to go about your coffee.

Food (Or should I say Coffee? )  🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle – The cruffin is just amazing. One of the best things I have ever had. And not fighting for it is just not possible!

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