Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden [Bandra]


I am not a beer person.

So then would could I possibly be thinking when I decided to visit Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden?

Well for starters, even if you all you wanna do is sip on beer, you gotta grab some grub right? So that is what we were here for, as usual, food! And food we had a plenty! But before we get to that, a little about Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden?

Located on the second floor at a popular junction on Hill Road (above Cafe Basilico and opposite Ray’s Pizzeria), this place is difficult to miss. They have a valet service, so breathe easy ; I know Hill road and the parking issues. The interiors are done up in grey with comfy wooden seating and dry tree like structures giving a look that the roof is kept in place by these! It is not an open air or an open terrace joint, much to our disappointment and in contrast to the name. But the spacious and well lit (during the day) insides save the day. There is a bar at one side and some Karaoke sort of live music stage at another end. The menu has some detailed food, good enough to munch on while you chug a few pints or just visit to have a full meal.

They have some speciality beer and beer-based shots and other drinks as well, and people do swear by these brews/concoctions, so it is worth a visit for those who love beer. The music is fun and groovy.


We started with Virgin Mojito and Peach Iced Tea  both of which were really refreshing and perfect to sip on with any meal! Not very sweet, well presented and well mixed!

Peach Iced Tea and Virgin Mojito
Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers  were delicious balls of goodness…. I mean cheese and chopped jalapeno pieces. The cheese was stringy but not chewy, perfect in other words, with the jalapenos adding just the right amount of spice to them. They were served with a mildly spicy salsa, something you will lick once you have popped all the poppers (yes, I know how that sound!) in say, a few seconds? All in all, definitely recommended!

Paneer Pahadi is a mild pesto based starter, served on skewers with capsicum. There was a piece of coal in the vessel, keeping the paneer hot and adding a charred flavour. Paneer pieces were soft and juicy and well marinated, the pesto was mild and non-spicy. I believe it would do better with a little spice added, but the chef swears by this one. Do try the paneer pieces with the side salad, they taste delicious. No, really!

Paneer Pahadi

We wanted another cooler, something mint based and refreshing so the bartender made this off the menu mint and ginger based drink for us. It was minty and sweet, non-fizzy and yummy!

Mint Cooler

Veg. Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Special Pizza, a thin crusted and cheese-oozing pizza, with loads of bell peppers, onions and zucchini. The base sauce was tangy and the pizza overall was really good.

Veg. Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Special Pizza
Paneer Shashlik with Herb Rice

Paneer Shashlik with Herb Rice is a well-presented combination of rice and paneer with a non-spicy but tangy Shashlik gravy. The rice was cooked in olive oil and flavoured with coconut (we confirmed with the chef) and was really good. They combination of the paneer, gravy and rice tastes delicious!

Overall Experience: Good food, friendly and warm service and groovy music. Totally like the place. And fret not, totally worth a visit even if you are not a beer person!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Those poppers! If it is not evident from the description, or should I say over description above, then let me reiterate. They were palatable, and so was the salsa. You definitely are fighting over these!!

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden – Google Maps

Kaitlyn's Beer Garden Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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