Café Monza [Kharghar]


Café Monza is one of the few places I look forward to visiting whenever on this side of emmmm… Mumbai?:p

Yup, I am. I am one of those people who love to tease their Navi-Mumbai based friends for not being Mumbaikars….  you all know the jokes. Don’t deny. We know you do!

But you know what makes me wanna be one of these ‘Not Mumbaikar’ folks? Places like Café Monza (and its next-door neighbour, Da Capo Café and Bistro). And once you try the food here, you will wanna stay nearby as well, so you can relish this goodness day in and day out!!

The ambience is cozy and inviting with light hues and some impressive wall paintings. The café has recently been revamped, only in terms of size though, with a couple of tables added. There is a mezzanine setup as well but I prefer the tables by the window especially during monsoon or in the mornings to watch the cars zoom past and see people hustle away while I enjoy whatever it is that I am eating!!

The smoothies and shakes here are delicious, thick and definitely mean business!!

Oreo Cookie Shake
Blueberry Shake



Oreo Cookie Shake – Thick shake, chocolatey flavour, complete with Oreo crumbs. Loved this!!

Blueberry Shake – The blueberry shake is just dreamy! When they say blueberry shake, they did not mean I will add two drops of blueberry crush on top. No Sir, they meant the perfect blueberry shake, not a mildly flavoured milkshake, consistent both in thickness and in flavour. This one is a must try!

Chocolate Shake  – Thick and chocolatey. This one is for when you do not want anything to come between you and  chocolate.

Mojito Mint – Refreshing combination of mint and lemonade, fizzy and not too sweet.

Masala Omelette

Masala Omelette – Not much to get wrong here. Full of tempting flavours added by tomatoes, onions and coriander. Fluffy and perfect.

Penne Paprika

Penne Paprika – Pasta in a chef special creamy paprika sauce, perfectly spiced and cheese. Topped with chilli flakes, oregano and fresh coriander. I still remember the happiness I felt when I had the first bite. The portion size was average but I would recommend this dish to everyone.

Panini Pressed Paneer – Soft pieces of cottage cheese, marinated in a mild pesto sauce. The sandwich overall has a perfect pesto flavour with no hint of spiciness. Grilled and served with crispy fries/ hash brown.We had this on two different occasions, and the taste was consistent.

Panini Pressed Paneer

Overall Experience : The service is friendly and prompt. They really pay attention to customers. The food is really good and some great music just makes it better.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : Not having another spoonful or dishful of the pasta is going to be a challenge for sure! And coping with the sadness that the Cafe is not more in the ‘Mumbai’ part of town, is another battle altogether :p

Cafe Monza – Google Maps

Cafe Monza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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