3 Wise Monkeys [Vashi]

The three mystic monkeys said to us, ‘Don’t eat a dish that doesn’t make you drool, Don’t listen to music that doesn’t make your feet tap and Don’t see the ordinary!’


That is probably the mantra 3 Wise Monkeys seems to follow.An amazing place to let loose.

Electrifying music with charged upbeat atmosphere. Rustic wooden decor, with something new at every corner. One corner has posters highlighting the specials like the Globe, another corner has wine bottles stacked up for display and yet another corner has board games. There are three (essentially two) levels of seating, one lower and first-floor seating with another section like a mezzanine on the first floor. 3WM is packed by the late evenings, so a booking is recommended. There is a bar on both the levels. They have many offers and events at the restaurant to jazz up your evenings. And to add to that, they have delicious food!

All in all, the place makes one smile like a monkey with a new banana!

Virgin Sangria

Virgin Sangria: I don’t think I have loved Sangria as much as I have loved this one. Virgin Sangria was a unique combination of Cranberry juice with pieces of apple and oranges adding a tangy-sweet flavour. This one is a must try, even if you prefer your Sangria with wine. You won’t regret ditching the wine this one time!

Kiwi Mint Smoothie – This is another delight from their Mocktail menu. The minty taste remained intact with Kiwi giving the drink a sour-sweet taste and a thick consistency. The cool and refreshing flavour makes this an excellent choice.

Irish Coffee- A strong Irish Whisky based cocktail with hot coffee and Whipped Cream. Smooth and delightful!

3 Wise Monkeys is currently running a campaign, where everyone has to drink their alcoholic beverages with their left hand. If the participating group manages to (every individual) complete the task -which is more challenging that it sounds – they can avail a 25% discount on the alcohol bill!

Panipuri Paneer

Panipuri Paneer – Is it Paneer? Is it spicy water? Curious? So were we! Crispy puris with a filling of paneer, onions and a tangy green chutney and topped with sev. We gulped these down in a heartbeat!

Makai Galouti Kabab

Makai Galoui Kebab –The Kababs are delicious tikkis of corn and paneer and seasoned with coriander and chat masala, that added to the taste. The tikkis were not very oily, which was another plus. They were served with sauteed crispy corn. Would have preferred a spicy green chutney as well. Suggestions were given. But even without the chutney, these melt-in-the-mouth kebabs are a delicious pick.

Pav Bhaji Naan Pav

Another intriguing item on the menu was Pav Bhaji Naan Pav. We were not sure if this is a naan or a pav or masala pav or what! We debated on the possibilities white this one arrived. The Naan Pav items here are Chef’s recommendations and we understood the reason after the first bite!

Soft buns, with a very thin and flat potato-based patty, topped with delicious and cheesy pav bhaji. You cannot have just one bite of this delight! Absolutely recommended! Served with fries and masala peanuts (which will totally be ignored while you hog on the main dish), Pav Bhaji Naan Pav is toothsome and appetising.

Mushroom Sukha

Mushroom Sukha – Mushroom sauteed in a South-style masala gravy, served on a bed of Mangalorean Noodles. The mushrooms were made in a mild spicy – sour masala and this combination with the rice based noodles tasted just amazing. The masala/gravy had a hint or garlic and coconut and was really good. The flavour may need a little getting used to, but if you don’t mind a little experiment, this is a great pick!

Pesto Allamoda

Pesto Allamoda – This is one of the items on their new Christmas special menu. Spaghetti pasta in a strong pesto sauce, so flavorful. The mouth-watering aroma gives you a ‘basil’ high! Also added are pine nuts, green beans and fried potatoes (red bliss/new potatoes) that give a slightly sweet taste. Loaded with almonds, the pasta screams festival special!

Santa on Snow – The red season is here. And by red, I mean Strawberries. How can, then one say no to a little red and white? Santa on Snow is strawberries on a scoop of ice cream and loaded with whipped cream. The classic dish that we all go gaga over, come winters! Yum yum yum! As basic as the dish sounds, a fight over it could actually turn red :p

Santa on Snow

Overall Experience: Amazing. Superb ambience, foot tapping music, scrumptious food and friendly service.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The Naan Pav here are amazing. We so wanted to try all the options! If only a replaceable tummy was available, a lot of problems could be solved!

P.S.: ‘Buffalo Tuesdays’ campaign starts this week and shall be running for the next two months. Enjoy your drinks. Cheers 😉


3 Wise Monkeys – Google Maps

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