Da Capo Café and Bistro [Kharghar]

Good, bad or jerks… we all have friends. Some are pure bliss to be with while some are a pain in all the wrong places at times. Then there is a category, where they are a pain but still a blessing. I have one such friend, who is a pain coz she practically lives soo far these days – Navi Mumbai and a pure blessing, well coz she is, and ‘coz I get to try some amazing food and visit awesomesauce cafes in Navi Mumbai!

Da Capo Cafe and Bistro is one such impressive cafe in Kharghar. The walls are covered in colourful art and the ceiling is decorated with an artsy rope design. There is a mezzanine seating along with an outdoor smoking area. The cafe is spacious and well lit.

The music is funky and they have many board games to chill with. What I really liked was a small bar-like section, where they prepare coffee and coolers. A coffee bar per say!


We spent around 4 hours here on an early Saturday morning, shaking our heads to some funky music, licking our fingers and making merry over a game of Monopoly.

Here is a peep into our ‘breakfast turned lunch’ day’s food:

Pancakes – Three pancakes with blueberry sauce. The pancakes were good (who can get them wrong?) The highlight was the blueberry compote. Perfect consistency and no added sweetener, making the taste just perfect!

Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Choco-chip coffee – Chocolate-based cold coffee. Not too sweet and not at all watery. But that is not where it ends? You see, the goodness is settled at the bottom – chocolate chips! Loads of those!

Choco Chip Coffee

Nachos – Crispy tortilla chips, loaded with beans and onions, cheese sauce and salsa. The sour cream is just delicious!


Raise your hands if you like mushrooms. Would you believe if I told you, I never liked mushrooms? In fact I hated them. Why would anyone want to eat something that is, first of all, a fungus and second of all bland? Why… Why would you eat bland fungus? My best friend surprisingly is a fan of this fungi. So for her sake, I started having a bite or two of the mushroom dishes she would order. I don’t remember when it started, but in the end, was that I do not hate mushrooms anymore. And thank god for that, else how would we have tried the heavenly Fungi Fritti at Da Capo.

Fungi Fritti –  Crisp mushrooms, stuffed with spinach, a combination one would sulk at otherwise but saved by the spicy and creamy gravy. The gravy is spicy enough to make you sweat but so palatable that you would kill for just another drop of it. Hesitant at first, there being so many people and all… we literally licked the plate. It is that delicious. It is a must try here!!

Fungi Fritti

Colours are amazing. We all like colours. But can you imagine your pizza bring colourful? The Rastafarian Pizza is. Carefully color-coordinated toppings, greens and yellows and reds, 12 of your choice on one pizza!! 😮 I guess that is a new definition of loaded for me! Thin crust, cheesy and perfect!

Rastafarian Pizza

Veggies Stuffed Peppers – What comes to our mind when we hear this, is veggies stuffed in a capsicum, just like the good old vegetable that mum prepares as a bribe to get us to eat capsicum. Accept it, we all ate it for the potato stuffing inside!

Anyway, let us not digress, these stuffed peppers were nothing like that. Non-spicy peppers were stuffed with a filling of cottage cheese (paneer) and cheese with a few tiny pieces of veggies. Served with a delicious heap of flavoured rice, mild-spicy green chutney and sour cream!

Now each of these can be gorged on alone, but do not make that mistake. The delight is in having all of these together. How you manage that is up to you, but we just mixed it all up in a huge messy looking pile, that did not last more than a minute! Super delicious!

Veggie Stuffed Peppers

Ginger Lemonade

Ginger Lemonade  – Refreshing with really intense flavours of ginger. I am crushing on the combination of ginger and lemon these days!

Overall Experience: Da Capo Cafe and Bistro has some super delicious food for when you want to indulge! The service is friendly and the ambience chic.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: We literally fought over Fungi Fritti and Stuffed Peppers. Literally. One could hear spoons clanking and forks rattling. An occasional ‘Lay off my food, you gormandizer’ could also be heard!

Da Capo Café and Bistro – Google Maps

Da Capo Cafe & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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