The Junkyard Café [Bandra]

The Junkyard Cafe is a newly opened theme restaurant in Bandra. The place is overflowing with funky and smart artwork, furniture made out of junk like barrels and car seats, nuts and bolts put together to make an intriguing structure, randomly placed old gramophones, and radios, tyres hanging from the walls or kept at a corner, vehicle number plates… you name the junk, and they have it!

A robot structure made out of spare parts greet you at the entrance. A huge yellow airplane hangs above in the open area. A car’s bonnet is converted to a sofa and is the attraction for photo sessions for the old and young alike. None of the tables has all the same chairs, some are made out of barrels and some give the old rusty look. One can find old typewriters, cameras, car number plates, a random gasoline dispenser and graffiti adorning the walls. A cut out from a TATA truck is used in the bar area. Half a Bajaj Chetak is placed in one corner. Almost every corner makes one’s eyebrows go up in surprise or intrigue.

The theme has been pulled off really well. Be it the outside open seating or the inner seating. There are two levels in the AC area. The upper level is often given out for parties during the day. Although it is new, the place is packed even on weekdays, given its location (TJC is located on Hill road in the same building as C’est La Vie).

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The menu is very varied with something to offer to everyone. Even the health conscious. The have an entire healthy section replete with salads, soups and even have some healthy fruit concoctions.

Here is a peek into our meal at The Junkyard Cafe:

Minto Plus and Citrus Mart – Minto Plus is a refreshing watermelon based drink with Kaffir Lime adding a strong tangy taste and aroma to it. Citrus Mart is a delicious mixture of orange and lime juice with ginger juliennes adding a sharp spicy flavour to it. Pomegranate seeds added to the fun factor. The concoction is not very sweet and goes well with the meal.

Citrus Mart and Minto Plus
Street Chaat Deconstructed

Street Chaat Deconstructed: One from their Delhi Special menu, the chaat was light and had a good medley of sweet and spicy flavours.

The chaat did not have veggies but only a light and crisp papdi/puri topped with sweet tamarind chutney and spicy mint chutney.

Lots of pomegranate seeds and sev on top, we finished this in a matter of a few minutes! A street style start to the meal!

Pan Seared Corn Fritters with Roasted Garlic Chipotle: Too big a name, but basically these were corn and potato tikkis. The best part was that they were not deep fried. The flavours of both, sweet corn and mildly spiced potatoes remained intact due to the light pan searing. The tikkis were really delicious and perfectly spiced. Good enough to be had alone, but tasted even better with the super spicy green chutney and the peanut based orange one. Loved these!

Pan Seared Corn Fritters with Roasted Garlic Chipotle

Peri Peri Pasta – Arabiatta Pasta which was well cooked. Kinda lacked the peri-peri bit, as it was not spicy. The garlic bread with different sauces (chutneys) was delicious, though!

Peri Peri Pasta

Grilled Vegetables with Tahini and Cous Cous: Well cooked couscous served with veggies like carrots, broccoli, baby corn and bell peppers. The vegetables were grilled and glazed with lime juice. The combination with Tahini sauce tasted just yummy!

Grilled Vegetables with Tahini and Cous Cous
Dum Aloo Banarasi with Roti

Dum Aloo Banarasi: Baby potatoes stuffed with paneer, peas and nuts. The gravy was a bit on the sweeter side but the preparation was overall very flavourful.

The quantity is too good and the gravy/vegetable is served with an option of rice or roti. Missi roti was not available.

Although there were many options in desserts, only Brownie with Ice cream was available and so we called for that. The walnut brownie was delicious. A perfect end to a good meal!

Brownie with Ice cream

Overall Experience: The Junkyard Cafe has a great ambience and the service is friendly. The place is not light on the pocket, though.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The corn tikkis (yes, the one with the super long and confusing name) was too delicious to not go for a second bite!


Let’s go for a ride to the junkyard, shall we?

The Junkyard Cafe – Google Maps

The Junkyard Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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