Fakt Café [Malad]

We are fans of small cafés and places that are known only to a few, hidden away in a corner!

Do you like such places too?

If yes, then Fakt Café is a place you should check out soon.

Fakt Cafe, that is ‘Only’  cafe, is a simple,  petite and cozy cafe in Orlem area. Already well known for the delicious paninis and salads, this is one place you should bookmark for your next pocket-friendly but hungry-for-good-food outing. It is quite easy to miss if you are just passing through the lane, but that is one mistake you should totally avoid.

Ritika Nagpal, a first-time restaurateur decided to give the place an Indo-western touch. One can feel this in the mix of retro Bollywood songs alternating with some English hits, in the mix of high tables on one side and trunks converted to seats on the other side. Light bulbs hang from the ceiling while a figure of Kathakali dancer holding a sub-sandwich bedecks another wall. They also have an outdoor seating, which would be perfect for an early morning or evening visit.

Blue Curacao & Coffee Banana Milkshake

The café has a good range of paninis, burgers, poutine, salads and smoothies. The owner is quite chatty and really helpful with her suggestions. She suggested us some of their top selling items and boy were those good!

Generally not the people to experiment with our coffee, but somehow, Coffee Banana Milkshake was really inviting us to give it a shot and we did!

Contrary to the overly sweet banana flavour that we were readying ourselves for, coffee dominates the taste in this milkshake. The mild bitter coffee taste coupled with the sweet banana bits made for a really good shake.

Blue Curacao was refreshing too.

We also tried Blueberry Cheese Cake Smoothie on Ritika’s recommendation and were surprised that it could be so light and refreshing. Perfect consistency and so delicious. We kept fighting for another sip! This is one you should definitely give a shot! 👍

Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie

While we waited for Italian Cilantro Panini to make its way on our table, we relished the Fakt Special Salad, a good portion of exotic veggies, mainly lettuce, bell peppers, zucchini and feta cheese. It was topped with an in-house special dressing that gave it a tangy and mildly sweet taste. We called for a smaller portion, but should not have, ‘coz this was just yumm!

Fakt Special Salad
Italian Cilantro

If you like pesto but are a sucker for everything spicy, Italian Cilantro is the panini for you!

The panini has a really spicy pesto with cilantro, green chilli and garlic and is stuffed with exotic veggies and cheddar cheese.

Another delicious option is the Mushroom Cheese Philly which is a perfect combination of mushrooms and cheddar cheese. The aroma and the dominating flavour of cheese made our mouths water! Char grilled mushrooms with capsicum and onions just go perfectly in the panini. Definitely worth a try!

Paneer Pesto has a mild pesto with veggies like bell peppers, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, onions and perfectly marinated soft cottage cheese.

Mushroom and Cheese Philly
Paneer Pesto

All the paninis are made in a multigrain bread that is soft and fresh. The relish served with the sandwiches is a yummy mixture of cucumber, onion and beetroot. Not that their sandwiches need any sort of add-on, but this relish can be relished on with the wafers for sure!

Cottage Cheese Burger
Barbeque Poutine

Cottage Cheese Burger is a must try burger here! The patty is a combination of paneer and cheese!

I know right!

So soft that it melts in the mouth. It is just flavourful and delicious. With veggies and more cheese, this is just amazing. 👍

We also tried Barbeque Poutine which is a combination of french fries in barbeque sauce and loaded with cheese. The barbeque sauce tasted perfect and this was another winner!

The sandwiches, burgers, etc. are served in cute cane baskets and the portion sizes are good.

Overall Experience: Fakt Café has really good food and cozy ambience, ideal for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. The food is light and delicious and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Take a bite of the Cottage Cheese burger and then take a look at the person opposite/next to you. Do you still feel enough love to share it? I didn’t! 😉😉

Fakt Café – Google Maps

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2 thoughts on “Fakt Café [Malad]

  1. The cottage cheese burger seems succulently creamy and tantalizing to the taste buds because of the zesty berry 😍used on the top …..which makes you eat without limits🙈


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