Farzi Café [Lower Parel]

We are at loss for words. And we are lost in thoughts.

When everything that can be said and every word that can be written has already been used to define a place… then what does one say to make a difference? How does one add value?

Maybe sometimes, the difference is made when you add to the chorus of the reverberating statements.

The statements in praise of the Farzification of food. The statements glorifying the exquisite food feast presented at Farzi café. The statements thanking the Kalra’s and the masters in the kitchen for making our taste buds go crazy with the medley of flavours.

It is clear now. Crystal clear.

So here is a resounding YES. Yes, we are totally blown over by Farzi Café. We are deeply and madly in love with the amazing food there!

So now that this confession is off our chests, how about we indulge you in some more details about this intense Love at first bite saga? 😉

We visited Farzi Cafe on a busy weekend for lunch. The decor is minimalistic and brilliant with intricate Jaali work and comfortable sofas. The restaurant has a dynamic ambience that changes from a fine dine premises to a high-energy space, come evening. A prominent bar where the magicians are at work and soft music that fills the restaurant add to the experience.

The wait staff is more than happy to help, guide and indulge you. Ask them and they will shower you with all the details that they can about the dishes. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Our meal started with a Mishti Doi amuse-bouche, soft spheres of mishti doi with strawberry jelly on top. We only wonder why the amuse-bouche is always so delicious and so damn less in quantity! Agreed, it is supposed to be a single bite-sized hors d’oeuvre, but why!

And then started a roller coaster ride of flavours and textures that made our minds boggle!

Mini Raj Kachori with Okra Salad had lip-smacking flavours of the spicy mint and sweet tamarind chutneys on the kachori along with the veggies, pomegranate seeds and curd. The chutney foam on top made it look even more tempting! The okra salad was crispy and the combination made us long for more after it was done and dusted with!

Mini Raj Kachori

Besant Nagar Chilly Fritters were Bhavnagari chillies stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese filling and fried really crisp. Served in a small cane basket with banana wafers and a tangy tamarind chutney, these chilly fritters are to die for. The slight spiciness of the chillies and the cheese are a match made in heaven. Crispy on the outside, the cheese just melts in your mouth at the first bite!

Besant Nagar Chilli Fritters

Dal Chawal Arancini was nothing short of ambrosia.

The ordinary and ‘not again, mom’ inducing dal-chawal could taste so delightful is beyond our imagination! Dal-chawal mixture made into small rounded balls were stuffed with cheese and deep fried. Presented on a bed of a tangy salsa sauce with cheese, mint chutney, papad and garnished. The dal-chawal mixture is non-spicy and with the cheese, it just melts in your mouth! Really crispy on the outside the goodness oozes out at the first bite! Loved every bit of it! 😍

Dal Chawal Arancini

Next was Pine Nuts and Scallion Paddu-YakiPaddu is basically made with a batter similar to that of dosa/idli wherein the batter balls are steamed and made modestly crisp.

The paddu here were stuffed with pine nuts and were a little crisp on the outside and steaming hot once bit into! They tasted well even without any accompaniments. Served on a bed of a tomato-garlic chutney, this was quite a pleasant surprise!

Pine Nuts and Scallion Paddu-Yaki

Dal Moth Chaat, a mixture of veggies, curd, sprouts, dal-moth and garnished with pomegranate seeds, potato salli and sev. It was served cold in a small clay pot. The perfect combination of the essential sweet-tangy chaat flavours!

Dal Moth Chat

Upma and Curried Mozzarella Bites was upma bonded into bite-sized portions, stuffed with Mozzarella and deep fried into a crispy fritter. It tastes really good with the tangy tamarind chutney. Cheese has an overpowering flavour in this one.

Upma and Curried Mozzarella Bites

The palate cleanser with Hajmola toffee and yoghurt was tangy-sweet and so yummy. Served on sticks we kept licking these like kids with a lollipop!

Hajmola toffee and Yoghurt Sorbet – Palate Cleanser

We then tried Wok Tossed Veggies with Dhaniya KulchaYes, our reaction was the same.Wok tossed veggies and kulcha? Are you sure?

But be sure. ‘Coz the turmeric based gravy that comes with the dish is the ultimate game changer. It gives the veggies a once-in-a-lifetime makeover that strange TVCs selling God knows what boast about.

The wok tossed veggies together with this creamy and very mildly citrusy gravy and soft kulchas was really delicious! Totally recommended!

Wok Tossed Vegetables with Dhaniya Kulcha

Charred Artichoke and Cherry Tomatoes Bisi Bele Bhat was a masaledar bisi bele bhat with lots of veggies. The subtle tangy flavours of artichoke along with cherry tomatoes, coconut garnish and sprinkled with lime juice on top, makes for a must try dish. Not only is it delicious, but also aromatic. Loved this!

Charred Artichoke and Cherry Tomatoes Bisi Bele Bhat

Then was time for dessert!

We have been waiting to tell you about the Ghewar Malai Tart even before we started writing this blog! Such is the mind-blowing goodness of this dessert! Imagine the sweet and mildly crispy deliciousness of Ghewar and then add to it the creamy richness of Malai and then garnish this picture with pistachios. Voila! That masterpiece was on our table. All this with malai foam on top and exotic fruits by the side  – imagine the experience it would have been! We were in paradise! Undoubtedly the pièce de résistance of the day!

Ghewar Malai Tart
Bailey’s Lollipop

We also had the Baileys Lollipop that was frozen lollipops with a chocolate covering and packed a bailey’s punch!

The final sign-off was in the form of a dehydrated paan in gujiya shaped candy floss that could totally pass off as another dessert! Refreshing and toothsome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The preparation of good food is merely an expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living – Dione Lucas

The incredible food that we had at Farzi Café only goes on to prove that there is nothing Farzi (fake) about this place!

It might seem impossible to get a table at Farzi Café but the wait and effort are totally worth it. Treat yourself to some desi flavours in a swanky and chic avatar.

Overall Experience – If one was not enough, then we will gladly repeat it for you – We are deeply and madly in love with the amazing food at Farzi Café!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle – We are still fighting one, trying to get over the food-hangover after our meal here!

Farzi Café – Google Maps

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