Freaking Out with Freak Shakes at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café [Oshiwara]

Me to Google: Freak Shakes
Google to Me:
1. The rise of the monstrous drink… (really? Monstrous?)
2. Images (I have those! I am a blogger 😛)
3. Freak shakes in London…(as much as I would love to be there, I am not. And I thought you knew that 🙄)
4. How To Make… (let’s not get carried away Google!)
So I change my search….
Me to Google: What is a Freak Shake?
*Still no Wikipedia*❓
Google to Me: 1. A
1. A high-calorie mega milkshake…. (Oh my, why did I do that to myself!)
And the search ends before the excitement to try Dinshaw Xpress Cafe’s turns to depression!
No no….that won’t stop me from trying them. It will only make me eat everything up 😎 😝
So I call friend no. 1 and ask him to take friend no. 2 on a con. call while I call friend no. 3. 
You see, friend no. 2 will call me a freak for wanting to try the monstrous high-calorie drink, and I don’t need that negativity!
Let friend no. 1 get his share!
Anyway, with all of them in, we head to Dinshaw (yup, we have a nick/short name for the place. That’s how much we love it!)
We order the freak shakes at Dinshaw that have, if I may borrow from Google, taken Instagram by storm:
1. Salted Caramel Freak Shake
2. Oreo Freak Shake
3. Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake
Salted Caramel Freak Shake
Salted Caramel Freak Shake was a pure pure delight! You are mean Google, for agreeing to let people call this divine dose a monster! It was heavenly.
Loaded with caramel and just the right amount of saltiness. So delicious! The rim of the jug was covered in caramelised popcorns, delicious and crisp! And then there was whipped cream 😍 Loved it!
Friend no. 2 did not say it, but I know she was happy she came.
Oreo Freak Shake
Oreo Freak Shake obviously doesn’t need a description or a validation for its epicness.
Oreo here and Oreo there and Oreo everywhere, this was amazing! Thick textured and not too sweet, this one you gotta treat yourself to!
By now the four of us had stopped story swapping and were focused on getting just another sip of the goodness, dare we miss out on the last crumb or drop!
Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake
Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake is a paradise for Brownie lovers. Not only was it perfectly chocolatey, but also nutty! I know I said it already, but boy, was this good! Yummm to the last sip!
Friend no. 1 and 3 could not stop telling me how amazing this was.
All this while friend no. 2 was secretly hogging on the remains of the monsters, that sneaky female!
After such an amazing feast, we hardly care about the high calories, and so shouldn’t you!
PS: Read more about the food at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café here – Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

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