Zazie Bistro & Grill [Vashi]

Husto Rumto Ni Dikra?

Bhujiya Turai Guya, the secrets are out, we have found the perfect Parsi Cuisine based Bistro in Navi Mumbai – Zazie Bistro & Grill.

With the familiar Parsi vibe incorporated into a modern looking bistro, Zazie B&G is a beautiful heaven for a delicious meal. High rising ceilings, monochromatic pictures depicting Mumbai in its glorious days, a bright orange Vespa parked near the faux-bar or a full-size bonnet of another age-old Mercedes that stands proudly on one of the walls…the interiors do not fail to amuse!

The restaurant is brightly lit with comfortable seating minus the very symbolic red and white chequered tablecloth! Mid-sized restaurant with seating designed from large groups to small families, Zazie B&G also displays a buffet spread which patrons are quite pleased with.




The menu is well spread and apart from the classic Parsi dishes also has pasta, pizza, sandwich and wrap options.

Though a little skewed towards the non-veg dishes that Parsi cuisine is famous for, a decent balance is maintained to have vegetarian options for most of them.

One of the walls displays the rules of the restaurant, two of which we especially loved – Food once eaten will not be taken back and Complaints Department 300 km away. 

Also, they have already cautioned us – No flirting with the staff! It is always better to be warned! Badmein na boltu dikra! 


The service is friendly. We were handed the menus and helped with our orders. The staff is well versed with the menu and know the dishes in and out. They ask your preferences and help you make a decision, which is quite difficult with the expanse of the menu and the fact that our knowledge is limited about the authentic dishes!

The mocktails pack quite a punch with strong tangy flavours, be it Virgin Mojito or Blackcurrant PunchAam Panna with sharp raw mango flavours and jeera powder was perfect. Blackcurrant Punch has the first taste of tangy sweet black currant and then you realise why is it called punch! It wakes your senses with the bang-on flavours.

Virgin Mojito
Aam Panna
Black Currant Punch

We then started with Eda Chutney Nu Pattice and Mini Samosa. 

Eda means egg. Eda chutney nu pattice is boiled egg that is coated with a spicy green chutney and stuffed in a coating of mashed potatoes and bread crumbs and deep fried. The outside layer was crisp and crumbly and the inside was soft. It was served with a spicy green chutney that made it all the more delicious. The spicy and crisp covering with the bland egg go well together! They are like Musoor ma gos tuhroh dost 😉, two friends who mix well!

Eda Chutney Nu Pattice

Mini Samosa, stuffed with Chettinad spiced paneer mixture with lots of onions, coriander and garlic. The outer layer was crispy and the samosa was not oily. Loved these! ❤

Mini Samosa – Paneer Chettinad

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms were delightful. Mushrooms stuffed with pesto filling and topped with cheese and baked! They had a charred smokey flavour along with olive oil. These were delicious!

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms

Then came Exotic Vegetables from the grill with Spicy Indian Gravy and Parsley Rice. We ordered French fries for the sides. We are at loss for words to describe the gravy. It was so delectable! Thick creamy gravy with homestyle masalas and a mildly spicy aftertaste. It was perfect. The first drop made us go mmmmm….! Parsley Rice was fragrant and well spiced and complemented the gravy. Green and yellow zucchini, bell peppers and broccoli along with french fries completed the dish!

Exotic Vegetables with Indian Spicy Gravy & French Fries

Delshad’s Signature Creole Butter was a bed of finely mashed and herbed potatoes. Loaded with Creole butter, every bite reminded us of the mashed potatoes dish that grandma makes! Grilled and spiced pieces of soft paneer sat on top and then was another dollop of creole butter. Creole butter has lots of spices, garlic and cajun spice powder and the use of this butter made a whole lot of difference to the dish. The staff informed us that the right way to eat this dish is to let the butter melt completely and then spread it on the entire mashed potato bed and paneer and then try a bite. It tasted really good!

Delshad’s Signature Creole Butter

Then came the good ‘ol comfort food to complete our meal, Dal Chawal, papad and achar. Nothing beats the familiar ease that one experiences with dal-chawal. Yummy tadka dal,  plain rice, fried papad and a small bowl of kick-ass achar. Every bite into the dish made our taste buds remember mom’s kitchen and grandma’s jars of homemade pickles.

Dal, Chawal, Papad & Achar

Since we had gotten so comfortable with their homestyle food, we picked the in-house Caramel Custard over the Blueberry Cheese Cake that they outsource.

Caramel Custard was toothsome, with the right amount of sweetness. Soft textured and light this delight came garnished with a mint sprig. We especially loved the caramel sauce and wiped it off the plate!

Caramel Custard

Overall Experience: There is another famous Parsi phrase that goes Vukhnailee Kheechree daant eh vurgheh, loosely meaning if you praise someone too much, they could disappoint. But with Zazie B&G, that this situation will never arrive and it will never be a Bhoot no bhuroso or an undependable option for some delicious Parsi dishes!

Friendly service, good ambience and value for money food make Zazie B&G a hit!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: They mentioned No Asking Recipes as one of the house rules or we would have fought to find out how they make the Spicy Indian Gravy!

We fought each other tooth and nail for every last drop of it and now we are planning a 300km long drive to get our demands met! Yup, that good!

Zazie Bistro & Grill – Google Maps

Zazie Bistro & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S.: The phrases used in the post are taken from the book Parsi Bol & Parsi Bol 2 written by Sooni Taraporewala and Meher Marfatia.


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