Tea Trails Bistro [Fort]

Mornings are for caffeine, newspaper, and peace! Kick-ass food does not hurt either.

Nah, that is not said by someone famous. It is said by someone awesome – Me!ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our recent breakfast at Tea Trails (Fort) was just like this – caffeine, news, food and tranquillity.

The best part about South Mumbai streets apart from the iconic architecture and food joints is that they are incredibly peaceful in the morning!ย These calm streets can become so chaotic in a matter of hours in astonishing. But that is a discussion for another day. The reason we brought these streets up was because Tea Trails Bistro is located at one such street in Fort, Kalaghoda. In the midst of some amazing places, Tea Trails carves its presence well.

The outlet is mid-sized, done up in white and yellow with wooden furniture. As you enter, you notice the wall right opposite with tea kettles stuck to it. Beautiful pictures decorate another wall and depict tea in all its colours! The bistro is well lit and spacious and more importantly quiet, at least in the mornings!


Tea Trails is well known for the vast variety of tea on offer and they have recently revamped their menu. There is something for everyoneย in this new menu. Be it healthy breakfast options or salads, pizza, sandwiches or burgers, desi quick bites like pakoras, waffles, pasta or wholesome mealsย and desserts, the variety is mind-boggling. It is going to be difficult to pick one for sure!

We settled for a place near the window, that gives a good view of the street. Imagine yourself, with a plate of hot Maggi and a cup of Coffee/Tea as you watch the world go by their regular business. Okay, not world, but you know what I mean! It was the perfect setting!

And then it started, probably even our server was astonished as to how much food can two tummies fit!ย >:D>:Dย Here’s what we hogged on earlyย in the morning:

Before we start, one rule – If you see Maggi on the menu, you order it! No questions asked!ย Yet again, the awesome ‘Me’ said this!

Cheese Chilli Maggiย โ†’ Maggi spiced with green chilli, loaded with cheese and garnished with spring onions! It was delicious! The combination of cheese and green chilli is perfect!

Cheese Chilli Maggi

Schezwan Vada Pavย โ†’ย Atom bomb dressed as aย sutli-bomb. Quite literally since this slider sized vada pav is amazing! Crispy exterior of the vada with a mild spicy potato mixture inside. Soft bun with lots of lip-smacking Schezwanย chutney that makes it a spicy treat! Trust us when we say this, the Schezwan chutney is to die for!

Schezwan Vada Pav

Burghul Upmaย โ†’ย Burghul is a kind of dried cracked wheat and is very healthy. Burghul upma was non-spicy with lots of veggies. It tasted good and was finished with grated coconut and coriander. The green chutney it came with was slightly sweet.

Burghul Upma

Egg Kejriwal on Pavย โ†’ The highlight of this breakfast show! A well-made sunny-side up on a crispy pav. Onions, tomatoes, coriander and lots of chilli powder bring alive the Indian-ness of this preparation. It was scrumptious!

Egg Kejriwal on a Pav

Cranberry Iced Teaย โ†’ย A refreshing and tangy option. Not very sweet. Loved it!

Lemon & Mint Iced Teaย โ†’ Tea decoction infused with lots of lime giving it a refreshing lemony taste. Mint adds to the energy. Loved it!

Cold Coffeeย โ†’ย At a bistro that is famous for tea, finding goodย coffee sometimes comes as a surprise. Cold Coffee at Tea Trails is perfect, strong aroma and flavour. A little chocolate syrup is added but it does not kill the taste of coffee. Loved it!

Cold Coffee

Kulhad Chaiย โ†’ย A strong cup of chai (tea) served in a kulhad! Perfect!

Kulhad Chai

Tea Trails Bubble Tea Sundaeย โ†’ย Vanille ice cream + Tapioca Bubbles + Fruit bliss bubbles + Almonds + Pistachios + Matcha = HAPPINESS!

Bubble Tea Sundae was the perfect end to the meal. The bubbles burst in the mouth and the plain vanilla ice cream is converted to a fruity bliss!

Tea Trails Bubble Tea Sundae

Overall Experience: Amazing. Loved each and every dish but missed out on so many! Only wish we had larger tummies! The service is friendly. The food may take a little time to arrive but that is okay since it is so good! The place is pocket-friendly and gives good value for money!

Food ๐Ÿ™‚

Ambience ๐Ÿ™‚

Service ๐Ÿ™‚

The Battle:ย You will seriously not want to share even a single bite of the food here! Be it Egg Kejriwal or Maggi.

Tea Trails, Fort – Google Maps

Tea Trails Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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