In Bandra and Looking for an Escape from Chaos? Head to One of These 7 Cafés and Breathe easy!

There is no dearth of options in Bandra, be it in terms of food or shopping or for that matter pretty sights! But then there is no shortage or traffic and crowd and total chaos as well.

The next time you are in Bandra and want to skip the madness, head to one of these cafés and relax!

Eat Around The Corner

True to its name, it is located in a corner of a lane, far away from the hustle and bustle. The café is beautiful and trendy with comfortable indoor seating and dreamy outdoor one. They have a large variety of grub to offer from, ranging from salads to burgers and the desserts here are to die for! Grab a corner outside, under the trees and enjoy a cup of coffee and a red velvet pastry. Or make that two pastries, ‘coz no one is watching!😉

Red Velvet Pastry – Eat Around the Corner


Bombay Coffee House

Bombay Coffee House is a beautiful and peaceful coffee shop on linking road. There is a variety of coffee on offer along with some delicious croissants and pastries. They also have books and board games if that is your calling for the day. What we love is to sit by the window and be lost in our work while the world goes by – Linking road is that busy, we all know it! Bombay Coffee House will be your safe heaven on this busy road!

Gunline Coffee – Bombay Coffee Shop

♥ The Bagle Shop

Tucked away in a corner of Carter road, many do not know this place exists, let alone that it serves kick-ass bagels! You will find many, who just come here to work and/or discuss in silence or just enjoy a good cup of coffee. The ambience is cozy and the greenery makes it cool. The Bagle Shop should be your go to place for fresh air, a bagel and a smoothie.



Birdsong – The Organic Café

Hidden away from the world in one of Bandra’s narrow bylanes is this amazing café  – great place, almost straight out of a song! Calm and tranquil ambience. It is one of the places you wanna get lost in for hours. They serve delicious organic food although it definitely is pricey. Go here for a great cup of coffee and a corner to immerse yourself in a great book or a good conversation.


♥ Desi Deli

Although Desi Deli is located on a really busy street and is an open air café, it makes for a good option if you want to just stop by and watch. They serve delicious breakfast options and smoothies or you can go simple with a strong cup of coffee!


♥ Pali Village Café

Pali Village Café is much more than just a café. It is an exquisite experience. The place is quaint and has a very vintage feel to it. It is not easy on the pocket for sure, but worth the visit be it for lone musings or cozy conversations.


Candies (Pali Hill)

As mainstream as this recommendation sounds, it is a place worth mentioning. The Pali Hill outlet of Candies is both chaotic and peaceful. Pick your favourite corner and be lost there for hours on end, no one will question your presence. We love the rooftop areas, they are just perfect!



Although it is not exhaustive, but hope this list helps you with your Bandra musings!

Did we miss any place that should have made it to the list? Mention it in the comments! 🙂


Freaking Out with Freak Shakes at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café [Oshiwara]

Me to Google: Freak Shakes
Google to Me:
1. The rise of the monstrous drink… (really? Monstrous?)
2. Images (I have those! I am a blogger 😛)
3. Freak shakes in London…(as much as I would love to be there, I am not. And I thought you knew that 🙄)
4. How To Make… (let’s not get carried away Google!)
So I change my search….
Me to Google: What is a Freak Shake?
*Still no Wikipedia*❓
Google to Me: 1. A
1. A high-calorie mega milkshake…. (Oh my, why did I do that to myself!)
And the search ends before the excitement to try Dinshaw Xpress Cafe’s turns to depression!
No no….that won’t stop me from trying them. It will only make me eat everything up 😎 😝
So I call friend no. 1 and ask him to take friend no. 2 on a con. call while I call friend no. 3. 
You see, friend no. 2 will call me a freak for wanting to try the monstrous high-calorie drink, and I don’t need that negativity!
Let friend no. 1 get his share!
Anyway, with all of them in, we head to Dinshaw (yup, we have a nick/short name for the place. That’s how much we love it!)
We order the freak shakes at Dinshaw that have, if I may borrow from Google, taken Instagram by storm:
1. Salted Caramel Freak Shake
2. Oreo Freak Shake
3. Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake
Salted Caramel Freak Shake
Salted Caramel Freak Shake was a pure pure delight! You are mean Google, for agreeing to let people call this divine dose a monster! It was heavenly.
Loaded with caramel and just the right amount of saltiness. So delicious! The rim of the jug was covered in caramelised popcorns, delicious and crisp! And then there was whipped cream 😍 Loved it!
Friend no. 2 did not say it, but I know she was happy she came.
Oreo Freak Shake
Oreo Freak Shake obviously doesn’t need a description or a validation for its epicness.
Oreo here and Oreo there and Oreo everywhere, this was amazing! Thick textured and not too sweet, this one you gotta treat yourself to!
By now the four of us had stopped story swapping and were focused on getting just another sip of the goodness, dare we miss out on the last crumb or drop!
Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake
Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake is a paradise for Brownie lovers. Not only was it perfectly chocolatey, but also nutty! I know I said it already, but boy, was this good! Yummm to the last sip!
Friend no. 1 and 3 could not stop telling me how amazing this was.
All this while friend no. 2 was secretly hogging on the remains of the monsters, that sneaky female!
After such an amazing feast, we hardly care about the high calories, and so shouldn’t you!
PS: Read more about the food at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café here – Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Did someone say ‘Dessert’? – 11 must try Desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

A dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance – Edward Lee

Don’t we all agree with Mr Lee?

A good dose of sweetness is all that one needs, sometimes to celebrate and sometimes as an antidote when life is being an ass! And sometimes, for no reason at all!

So the next time you crave something sweet, head to one of these places and drown in the sugary goodness!

Custard Cruffin at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

A marvellous twist to the croissant with delicious creamy custard oozing out on every bite. Dusted with powder sugar this beauty is a must have at here. And while you are at it, enjoy a strong cup of coffee too!

Location: Mahalaxmi                                                                                                               Cost: ₹140

Custard Cruffin

Dark Chocolate Swiss Roll at Mocking Bird Cafe Bar

The Dark Chocolate Swiss Roll with a layer of delicious and creamy blueberry compote on a bed of vanilla cream anglaise is just mindblowing! So soft, it melts in your mouth. Grab a book from the in-house library and enjoy it while you relish on the Swiss roll. The other desserts on their menu are equally inviting!

Location: Churchgate                                                                                                                Cost: ₹195

Swiss Chocolate Roll

Baked Yoghurt with Blueberry Crush at Bombay to Barcelona

Condensed cream and yoghurt with a delicious blueberry compote, this dessert is as delicious as it is unique. Try it to know what we are talking about. Indulge in some complimentary cookies with your meal at this library-cafe.

Location: Marol                                                                                                                           Cost: ₹90

Baked Yoghurt with Blueberry Crush

Kunafa at Foodeementals

This middle-eastern delight, with a cheesy and creamy centre and topped with crisp vermicelli is just delicious. Don’t deprive yourself of this goodness. Call these home chefs soon and order one for yourself!

Location: Santacruz                                                                                                 Cost: ₹650 for half kg



Flower Pot Surprise at Jamjar Diner

With layers of brownie,  ice cream and marshmallows and finished with oreo soil on top, this one is definitely a surprise. Enjoy their crazy cocktails and immerse yourself in the upbeat ambience at this super quirky diner.

Location: Versova                                                                                                                          Cost: ₹440

Flower Pot Surprise

Red Velvet Ice cream Cupcake Burger at 145 Kala Ghoda

Warm Cupcake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between the two halves. The cupcake is a little dry on the outside but soft on the inside, wow! Indulge in their crazy milkshakes and you are set for a sugar-high!

Location: Fort                                                                                                                           Cost: ₹200

Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-Cream Burger

Torta De Tres Leches at The Hood

Light sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk – condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream, overnight. Every bite feels like a gateway to heaven. Try their incredible food and crazy cocktails.

Location: Goregaon                                                                                                                      Cost: ₹145

Torta De Tres Leches

Nutella Brownie at Love and Flour

Homebaker Sahar Patka creates magic with this brownie.Rich flavours of chocolate and Nutella that melt in your mouth at every bite! This is pure indulgence!

Location: Cuffe Parade                                                                                         Cost: ₹600 for half kg

Nutella Brownie


Double Chocochip Cookies at Sweetish House Mafia

SHM is famous for their cookies and shakes and why not! These cookies are heavenly! Try them for yourself to find out. Oh, and you can order a glass of milk to dunk these cookies!

Location: Multiple Outlets                                                                                                       Cost: ₹80


Double Chocochip Cookies


Dense Chocolate Loaf at Theobroma

What is so special about chocolate loaf? Nothing much, just the intense flavour, the mindboggling texture and the sugar high that you experience with every bite! So ya, nothing much!

Location: Multiple Outlets                                                                                                       Cost: ₹140


Dense Chocolate Loaf


Red Velvet Pastry at Eat Around the Corner

The pastry is soft, creamy and delightfully delicious and always presented beautifully.The other desserts here are equally worthy of praise. Pick a corner and lose yourself in sweetness.

Location: Bandra                                                                                                                   Cost: ₹300

Red Velvet Pastry


Sweet Bonus

Parsi Custard and Caramel Custards at Kyani & Co.

 The caramel custard and Parsi custard at Kyani & Co. are so creamy and scrumptious, they can easily beat the most exquisite cheesecakes and pastries! Sip on hot tea and grab a bun maska on your way out!

Location: Marine Lines                                                                                                               Cost: ₹40






Any other place on your mind? Leave a comment and let us know!