Drama [4 Bunglows, Andheri]

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out – Alfred Hitchcock

And who loves the dull bits? Not us definitely!

In fact, even our visit to Drama was a pretty dramatic one! After a few hiccups, we finally made it to Drama last weekend for a dramatically delicious meal!


Drama is located in 4 Bungalows (below Goa Portuguesa and where SoHo Tapas Bar once stood). There are two sections, an AC one with the loud music, open bar, dim light and candles and an outside non-AC one where they serve sheesha. The music is groovy and sets the mood right. They have various events like Bollywood Nights and Sufi Nights. When we visited, the later was jazzing up the ambience.


The service at Drama is really good and prompt. The menu has a lot of varieties and an equal spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. One can pick from Tex-Mex to burgers to pizza and even North Indian options.

We started with mocktails – Burst Grape, Drama Queen and Berry Berry.  The presentations are no-nonsense basic ones but the combinations and flavours are perfect. Burst Grape is a fizzy blackcurrant-based mocktail. It has a sharp tangy taste. Drama queen is a mild sweet combination of orange, pineapple and sweet lime juices. It is refreshing. Berry Berry is another fizzy and tangy-sweet mocktail and is strawberry based.

We started with Baked Mozzarella Mushrooms. A delicious and cheesy mixture of mushrooms on a crispy bread just like bruschetta. The flavours are delicate and well balanced. These mushroom mozzarella sticks are delectable and a must try!

Baked Mozzarella Mushrooms

Thai Cottage Cheese is a cottage cheese and lemon grass based tikki. Very fragrant, as should be, considering they are loaded with lemon grass and Thai herbs. The tikkis are slightly crisp on the outside and melt at the first bite. The herbed flavours burst in your mouth. These are served with a sweet-spicy dip with lots of chilli flakes, that adds to the sharp flavours.

Thai Cottage Cheese

Schezwan Crispy Corn is much like the crispy vegetable starter most of us love, but with sweet corn. Slightly spicy and very crispy corn with lots of veggies and even more spices. It is perfect to keep munching on as you talk and/or sip on your drinks.

Schezwan Crispy Corn

Clay Oven Baked Corn Kernel are our favourite. Though the name is pretty confusing, these are basically corn-based kebabs. They had a slightly smokey flavour owing to the clay oven baking and green chillies add the occasional spiciness. These are delicious and literally melt in the mouth. Topped with chaat masala to give them a lip-smacking taste. No accompaniment is necessary but they are served with a coriander and mint chutney.

Clay Oven Baked Corn Kernel

The scrumptious starters made our taste buds dance while the live Sufi music made us groove. Not quite full yet, we went for Makai Malai Burger. The patty was slightly crispy outside and was made with soft, succulent cottage cheese and corn. The malai or cottage cheese flavour overpowered the preparation. It was non-spicy. We liked it!

Makai Malai Burger

We spotted Dal Makhni and Jeera Rice on the menu and the staff informed us that it was one of their hot selling items, so we called for it. Dal Makni was delicious and had a slightly smokey flavour. It was not overly buttery and hence not very heavy. Rice was mildly fragrant and well-separated. We loved this combination.

Dal Makhni and Jeera Rice

Dessert, like drama, is the non-dull bit of the meal and so entered Churros with Chocolate Sauce. These were perfect. The right amount of crispiness on the outside with a soft core, dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar. They went so well with the toothsome chocolate sauce. We couldn’t ask for a better climax to the movie! The staff asks for a good 15 minutes for the preparation of the Churros, so be ready to either wait a while or order a little in advance.

Churros with Chocolate Sauce.

Overall Experience: We loved the food at Drama and enjoyed the amazing music and friendly service. It is a really good place to unwind with friends.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

 The Battle: Be ready for quite a few dramatic arguments when your friends take a bite of your food here. They will happen, and if they don’t, remember, the story is not over yet!

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Above & Beyond [Mahakali, Andheri]

What could be a better blessing for a consulting executive than getting to laze through a Monday holiday, laughing at its face while lying on the bed and just rejoicing thinking of how you’re gonna claim vengeance for those “Monday Morning Blues”!!

I lay planning my day full of sweet nothings and fetched my phone to read the latest pings – there was a rather creepy one: “Evening 6 @ Mahakali”

This was from one of those privileged Highnesses who can actually order me and have their way!

Fast forward – 6 p.m. at Mahakali, we get down from the autorickshaw and look around to locate our hunger battleground for the day – Above & Beyond. It initially appears as a local underdog with decent potential and looks.


We enter in with our modest expectations – good food and a pleasant evening! Mr Deepak greets us with a warm smile and walks us to our table.But given the restless folks that we are, we immediately requested our way into exploring upstairs.

Above & Beyond is the quintessential snack bar, tastefully done up with a live cooking counter alongside 6-7 small tables downstairs and a sheesha bar a level above.The sheesha floor has a colourful, comfortable, vibrant and cozy feel to it. Downstairs are artistically placed bulbs, stools with pedals and walls having a brick finish. It is flooded with the aroma of fresh bakes and slow music plays in the background. This place definitely strikes an instant chord. And if that were not all, how about I top it up with some board games, cards and comic books! Totally irresistible – isn’t it?

With the mood set, it was now time for Food! An eggetarian menu, it boasts of assorted varieties of toasts to sandwiches, pasta, burgers, pizzas, fries, wraps, salads, coffee, mocktails and of course – eggs!

Mr Highness had already chosen the first dish to try – the Chef Special Potholes of Mumbai Flyover. Being regular drivers in the maximum city, the very mention of potholes is enough reason for us to crib. But this, my friends, was a different story altogether!

Potholes of Mumbai Flyover

Fried egg, onions, baby chops of potatoes and mild spices infused generously into flawlessly toasted brun pav – this one looked nothing less than an egg doughnut. A treat to the eyes and the perfect blend of crunch and tenderness at the same time. This one is without a doubt, a must-try for all egg lovers. A little bit of chopped green chillies could be an interesting addition to the perfection that this dish is. I wonder why I am no longer complaining about pot holes! Any guesses?? :p

We next ordered the Cajun Spiced Vegetable Burger. The patty was made of mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, french beans, onions and was perfectly crisp yet soft. The cajun spiced sauce, which was mildly spicy, was a delicious addition to the burger and made it lip-smacking!

Cajun Spiced Burger
Strawberry Rose Smoothie and Passion Kiwi Sour Punch Smoothie

Next came Strawberry Rose Smoothie and Passion Kiwi Sour Punch Smoothie.

We couldn’t wait to sip on these.

The Strawberry Rose Smoothie is your classic strawberry milkshake and lacked a strong presence of rose syrup in it.

The clear winner here was the Passion Kiwi Sour Punch Smoothie – a refreshing shake which promises a strong punch of kiwi till the last sip. What we are confused is about its mysterious yellow colour! 😉😉

There is no party without pizza and no one is ever satisfied with just one pizza. So we decided to go for a half-n-half. With the chef special already having worked its magic once – we thought of giving it another shot with the American Corn Chaat Pizza as one-half and the Cottage Cheese, Bell Peppers as the other.

American Corn Chaat and Cottage Cheese, Bell Peppers Pizza

The American Corn Chaat Pizza had a freshness to its look and flavours that hit your taste buds spot on! Thin crust base, topped with finely sliced capsicum, roasted corn and cheese certainly qualify it to be a pizza – but what brings life to it was the cumin chaat powder and a slight tanginess. Cottage Cheese Bell Peppers, on the other hand, had a colourful mix of bell peppers, paneer and cheese – good enough but not something that you’ve not tried before.

So which one was the better half according to us? – American Corn Chaat Pizza. 

Though we like the pizza, we found the portion size a little too small.

Crumb Fried Chilli Poppers

Then came Crumb Fried Chili Poppers are nothing more than your packaged frozen poppers mummy would fry for you at home, but worth mentioning is the lemon based mayo dip that came along!

We now went for the humble guys – Cafe Frappe and Virgin Mojito. Both the drinks were good and basic in presentation. The frappe was a tad bit on the bitter side – which works amazingly well for us!

Smooth & Silk Chocolate Cake

At last, it was time the best – Smooth & Silk Chocolate Cake. This cake was what his Highness had set his eyes on, from the very beginning. A thin layer of crunchy cake at the base coupled with plentiful of thick chocolate and milk cream above and choco-wafer sticks to add to the beauty – the cake was amazing. The sly bitterness in the chocolate cream sis wonders to this velvety goodness!

Overall Experience: We truly loved the pleasing setup, warm service, attention to presentation and just the fact that we could see our food travel to us from the open kitchen counter! Also, the place opens as early as 7.30 am – you don’t want to miss it!

Expectations met? – Well, we’ll just say Above & Beyond.

Mondays like these – Yes, please!!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle – Fighting our way through potholes to reach to the delicious version of it! These potholes, you will wanna dive into them all alone!

P.S.: This blog post is written by my partners in crime Aniket Menon and Nikit Koli. My contribution was only a little editing. Cheers to you guys ❤

Their closing note: The camaraderie was Rocky & Mayur like.

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1441 Pizzeria [Lokhandwala, Andheri]

Pizza is like the entire food pyramid! – Madeline Oles

If that is true, then 1441 Pizzeria is Egypt where this pyramid is placed.

But then, if you think about it, this is a problem. ‘Coz they were going for Naples and we called them Egypt. Those two places are not even close!

Tchk Tchk! Wrong quote.

Anyway, what we were trying to say is, 1441 Pizzeria brings a world of amazing pizzas for us! Quite a range of chef specials wood-fired pizzas and a fantastic array of toppings and cheese to choose from in case you are a fan of make your own pizza!

All this in a petite looking outlet from the outside. It is only when you step inside that bright green door that you realise why we were stressing on Naples above. Bricked walls with pictures depicting the history of pizza and reminiscence of the old Italian world.

1441 are the coordinates of the first ever pizza parlour in Naples, but we are sure you already knew that?


Well, better late than never!


You can pick from the high tables and stools or the normal ones. The combination of red and black chairs with the lightly brown coloured tables is apt for the ambience and yellow lighting. A few tables and chairs are also extended outside in case you want to enjoy your pizza as you watch a crowd whizz past!

For the make your own pizza, they have around 30-40 topping options, multiple sauces and cheese varieties to choose from. A half and half or probably more divisions are possible in the make your own pizza. You can choose from single topping to multiple toppings (gourmet pizza) and both are priced differently. If you are feeling indecisive, ask the staff for help, they will be more than happy to. Along with pizza, they also have some kick-ass and much talked about starters, beverages and desserts.

Bottomless soda or what we know as unlimited soda with no strings attached, just help yourself. You are given an empty cup and you have to get it yourself everytime you need a refill. The staff is very friendly and helpful. After we settled down, we were taken for a tour to explain their entire menu and process, which they do for every new customer.

Here is what we hogged on:

PS: No drooling!

Smokey Dough Balls: Made with freshly kneaded dough and lots of chilli flakes, oregano and of course cheese, these bite-sized balls are delicious! They were served with a mustard dip and a mild spicy jalapeno yoghurt dip.

Smokey Dough Balls

Krish Pizza – The pizza is named after the owner and was one of the specials that day. The pizza base was prepared right in front of us and was topped with Mama’s sauce, mozzarella cheese, jalapenos and caramelised onions and then baked in their wood fired oven. Sun-dried tomatoes and basil were then added. The pizza was smokey and had a combination of sweet-tangy flavours owing to the caramelised onions and base sauce.

Krish Pizza

Paneer Tikka Pizza – Thin crusted delight with lots of paneer, capsicum and onions and a tangy sauce.Loved it!

Paneer Tikka Pizza

We also tried pizzas from their Cheese Festival menu –

Stracciatella Pizza – Thin crusted base, topped with and Italian sauce and lots of cream. On top were tomatoes and basil and the start –Stracciatella cheese! Small shreds of this cheese and Parmesan made this one a sinfully delicious option. The combination of cream, tomatoes and black pepper was delicious! Loved it! This is a must try!

Stracciatella Pizza

Camembert and Blue Cheese Pizza – This pizza is cheese heaven! Mozzarella, Camembert cheese and blue cheese! Although we know that blue cheese is significantly different from feta cheese, we felt the same tang and creamy texture in this cheese. It was scrumptious! Another must try!

Camembert and Blue Cheese Pizza

Since we were here for their 1st birthday party and we were treated to Nutella Pizza and Chocolate Calzones made for the birthday celebrations! *Happy Dance*

Thin crusted base with a spread of Nutella and an option of topping! Strawberry, marshmallows and bananas – what is not to love!

Nutella Pizza

The chocolate calzones are a dessert version of the smokey dough balls. Filled with chocolate and dusted with lots of sugar, this is sinister, to say the least!

Chocolate Calzones

We also sipped on Lychee Lemonade and Masala Lemonade both of which were refreshing.

Masala & Lychee Lemonade

Overall Experience: Pizzalicious! The service is prompt and friendly but the place is a little on the higher side cost-wise.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Did you see the amount and variety of cheese up there? Try to put those Cheese special pizzas down, no just try and you will know how difficult life is! 😉

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PotLuck [Lokhandwala]

I make my own luck and I make it in a pot and then I bring it to potluck – Jarod Kintz

So there the secret is… you gotta make your own damn luck!

And we think, we did.

We got lucky when we visited PotLuck. Sometimes you get happen to hit a jackpot and find a place that makes you really happy the moment you step in each time!

Done up in cool blues and peaceful whites, this place is modern yet has an old world rustic charm! Wooden tables that bear a worn out look, floral chairs and cushions give it a very cozy and homely feel. Once you enter, you definitely do not wish to leave. Complete with huge wooden panelled windows, light blues and whites covering the walls and lots of knick-knacks that add colour and pizzazz to the interiors.

The outdoor seating is the best with lots of plants to lift up your spirit, feeling like sitting in a garden! Only one issue, they do not have a shade and hence one can comfortably sit here only when the sun has set. Otherwise, this would be our favourite spot to be at!

Cold Coffee

Just like the décor, a great deal of effort is put in the preparation and the presentation of food.

They have a good mix of breakfast options, nibbles, sandwiches, burgers along with salads, pizzas and kinds of pasta.

We entered the place in desperate need of coffee (no, it is never going to change!) and were really happy and satisfied with the Cold Coffee. 

It was the right amount of strong and thick and was so chocolatey.

How often does it happen, that you go to a place, just for coffee or tea or maybe a sandwich, but you end up staying for so much more!

It happened to us at PotLuck. The music, the ambience, the food and everything, literally everything made us stay back for just a little longer.

We ordered Maggi with a twist and Mince Soya Burger. 

The twist in the Maggi was the insane number of veggies added and the spicy masala. One can find tiny pieces of everything, from carrots to mushroom to onion to bell pepper. The masala makes it mildly spicy and really delicious. Slurpy and delicious!  😍

Maggi with a twist

Mince Soya Burger had a soya based crisp patty with mushrooms. Lots of cheese, rocket leaves and tomatoes made this burger a complete delight. The flavours very not very sharp, as is expected from mushrooms and soy, but we could not have enough of the burger!  😍

Mince Soya Burger
Mince Soya Burger

Cranberry Lemongrass Cooler was magnificent! When it was first put on our table, we were a little shocked.

Who wouldn’t be? Look at that!

And then, a strong aroma of Lemongrass filled the air. Not only is it totally Instagram-worthy but it was really refreshing and enjoyable with intense flavours of cranberry and lemongrass, the later overpowering the former just by a whisker.

Cranberry Lemongrass Cooler

Watermelon Basil Splash is another delightful drink made fresh, with watermelon and basil leaves and topped over with Sprite. We say fresh coz we saw them cut open a watermelon, crush its pieces along with basil leaves and then prepare our drink.

Watermelon Basil Splash

The best part? Flavours of watermelon and basil overshadowed the soda content.

Open Garden Sandwich was equally delicious with lots of veggies, a really strong pesto sauce and cheese!

Open Garden Sandwich

Fruit Barni Ginger Ale was a mix fruit mocktail with pieces of apple, pears and cucumber. Ginger did not overpower the other flavours, rendering a fruity and energising drink.

Fruit Barni Ginger Ale

Apart from the food, another amazing thing about the restaurant is their playlist! Seriously, keep your Shazam ready, you are going to want to get a lot of those songs!

Overall, we just love the place. A calm and serene ambience, with really good food and warm service. 🙂


PotLuck – Google Maps

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Freaking Out with Freak Shakes at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café [Oshiwara]

Me to Google: Freak Shakes
Google to Me:
1. The rise of the monstrous drink… (really? Monstrous?)
2. Images (I have those! I am a blogger 😛)
3. Freak shakes in London…(as much as I would love to be there, I am not. And I thought you knew that 🙄)
4. How To Make… (let’s not get carried away Google!)
So I change my search….
Me to Google: What is a Freak Shake?
*Still no Wikipedia*❓
Google to Me: 1. A
1. A high-calorie mega milkshake…. (Oh my, why did I do that to myself!)
And the search ends before the excitement to try Dinshaw Xpress Cafe’s turns to depression!
No no….that won’t stop me from trying them. It will only make me eat everything up 😎 😝
So I call friend no. 1 and ask him to take friend no. 2 on a con. call while I call friend no. 3. 
You see, friend no. 2 will call me a freak for wanting to try the monstrous high-calorie drink, and I don’t need that negativity!
Let friend no. 1 get his share!
Anyway, with all of them in, we head to Dinshaw (yup, we have a nick/short name for the place. That’s how much we love it!)
We order the freak shakes at Dinshaw that have, if I may borrow from Google, taken Instagram by storm:
1. Salted Caramel Freak Shake
2. Oreo Freak Shake
3. Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake
Salted Caramel Freak Shake
Salted Caramel Freak Shake was a pure pure delight! You are mean Google, for agreeing to let people call this divine dose a monster! It was heavenly.
Loaded with caramel and just the right amount of saltiness. So delicious! The rim of the jug was covered in caramelised popcorns, delicious and crisp! And then there was whipped cream 😍 Loved it!
Friend no. 2 did not say it, but I know she was happy she came.
Oreo Freak Shake
Oreo Freak Shake obviously doesn’t need a description or a validation for its epicness.
Oreo here and Oreo there and Oreo everywhere, this was amazing! Thick textured and not too sweet, this one you gotta treat yourself to!
By now the four of us had stopped story swapping and were focused on getting just another sip of the goodness, dare we miss out on the last crumb or drop!
Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake
Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake is a paradise for Brownie lovers. Not only was it perfectly chocolatey, but also nutty! I know I said it already, but boy, was this good! Yummm to the last sip!
Friend no. 1 and 3 could not stop telling me how amazing this was.
All this while friend no. 2 was secretly hogging on the remains of the monsters, that sneaky female!
After such an amazing feast, we hardly care about the high calories, and so shouldn’t you!
PS: Read more about the food at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café here – Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Ticca Tikka [Lokhandwala]

Yeh Ticca Tikka kya hai..

Yeh Ticca Tikka….

Jab Koi Accha Lagta Hai, Bada Pyara Lagta Hai,

Toh Dil Karta Hai

Ticca Tikka!

I know you have many questions. Some of them on the lines of ‘have you lost it’ and ‘why did you do this to me!’

We promise to answer none of them!😉

I have no idea why this song struck us when we first saw the bright yellow board saying ‘Ticca Tikka’ as we drove past Lokhandwala. What next? Mental bookmark to visit this place! And today, we did!

Ticca Tikka, The India Bistro is exactly that, a chic and quirky bistro with kick-ass Indian flavours! The restaurant is well lit and really spacious. Bright yellow and blue tables complement the earthy wooden ones. Writing on one of the walls say ‘Serving Good Food Always’ with a white-yellow cycle completing the word ‘Food’. A board on the cycle says ‘ We offer 3 kinds of service – Good, Fast, Cheap. You can pick any 2’. Low hung chandeliers, funky lights, a beautiful painting, metallic plates decorating the walls, colourful floral tiles on the floor make up the multifarious decor here. Their outdoor seating is equally appealing, with hanging planters and similar seating as inside.

Low hung chandeliers, funky lights, a beautiful painting, metallic plates decorating the walls, colourful floral tiles on the floor make up the multifarious decor here. Their outdoor seating is equally appealing, with hanging planters and similar seating as inside.

They have an extensive menu, from Chinese to pasta and pizza, to rolls and wraps and also North Indian cuisine. The food is well presented and totally worth every penny! The service is friendly and prompt.

We started our meal with Masala Papad Cones. Small papad, rolled up into cones and stuffed with mildly spicy tomato, onion and coriander filling. It was topped with pesto mayonnaise and served in cute colourful buckets! Leave the masala papad aside, can I take those buckets home, please?!

Masala Papad Cones

Stuffed Cheddar Mushrooms came next and blew us over with their cheesiness! The filing was cottage cheese (paneer) based and had very mild flavour totally letting the melted Cheddar steal the show! Yumm!

Stuffed Cheddar Mushrooms

Malai Paneer Tikka is one of the recommended dishes here and how could we not try it! Incredibly soft Malai Paneer pieces marinated in a creamy gravy. The subtle flavours coupled with the melt-in-the-mouth texture just did wonders! Loved it!

Malai Paneer Tikka

Chole Paneer Adraki is a spice-packed chakna! Crunchy Chole, paneer and crispy juliennes of ginger in a delicious and spicy masala. The combination of these three could be so good and the pungent, bold ginger could be so tempting comes as a surprise! One can just sit back and keep munching on this one!

Chole Paneer Adrak

Paneer Tikka Bunny Chow is another dish that has been receiving insane buzz here!

A Bunny Chow is essentially an Indian Origin dish from South Africa, consisting of a hollowed loaf of bread filled with curry. Paneer Tikka Bunny Chow at Ticca Tikka was just lip-smacking! The gravy has strong flavours of garam masala and really soft paneer. It is stuffed in a very modestly crisp bun and served with crisp bread pieces!  You can add our name to the list of people who recommend this! Just hop there already and give their bunny chow a try!

Paneer Tikka Bunny Chow
Paneer Tikka Bunny Chow

We ended our meal with Pina Colada Lassi and Rabdi. Served in these cute glass jars, the lassi was delicious and perfectly flavoured. The mouth of the jar was covered in soft coconut crush that added to the delightful taste! The rabdi was good too.

Pina Colada Lassi

Overall Experience: Flavourful! Unlike the board on the yellow-white cycle, you don’t have to choose two, ‘coz they deliver on all three fronts! 😄

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The Easter Bunny in you will turn to the Warrior Bunny if someone tries to take a bite of the Bunny Chow on your plate! Don’t bunny-lieve us? Give it a try!


Ticca Tikka – Google Maps

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