Café 792 [Dadar]


Café 792 is a dose of fresh air amidst chaos and cacophony.

It is, quite literally, hidden away in a cozy corner in Dadar’s Parsi Colony. If not for the bold red circular sign at the entrance that reads Café 792, no one would be able to guess, that this heaven exists!

Café 792 is a small, quaint and peaceful café that can and will make you smile in awe. The circular sign that we spoke about stands next to the entrance of a building, in whose backyard lies this wonder. On the concrete wall is painted Café  792 in a way that you cannot miss. A gravel laden path leads us to a few tables and further to the entrance of the café. We have walked 10 steps on the gravel path and we look at each other with a broad smile. A smile that affirms the thought that we have found treasure!



Café 792 is a Parsi owned and run café that serves an impressive variety of food from the Parsi staples to sandwiches, wraps, salads, mawa cake and more! They are the sort of place that makes a few things fresh while some are pre-cooked, heated and served. The café being a Parsi one, there are very few vegetarian options, basically, one-two in each category, so better not be very choosy if you are a vegetarian. The café also has a pre-decided lunch menu that is set for the entire month. This is majorly because they have a whole lot of deliveries and a set menu helps.

The people who run the café are soft spoken and friendly.  You will find a lot of patrons who come, give the order, patiently wait and head away with their parcels. You will also find people just sitting in a corner, sometimes even on the small wall near the plants and just sipping on tea and going about their work. The green canopy, the chirping birds and the setting of the café as a whole are welcoming and consuming. You will not want to get up and leave this place.

Cheese Croissant

We tried a few items from the menu and were more than happy with most of them! Cheese Croissant left us with a warm, fuzzy feeling. It was perfect with oodles of cheese, just yumm!!

Veg Mozzarella Wrap

Veg Mozzarella Wrap was excellent! Scratch that, it was beyond excellent. Lots of veggies, from broccoli to capsicum and a whole lot of cheese. Sounds meh? But what added the magic was oregano. Not only did it add a mouth-watering aroma, but also made the simple wrap a lot more interesting.

Veg Burger

Veg Burger with a crunchy and delicious patty, cheese and veggies was a delight. It wasn’t extraordinary, but basic is all you need at times!

Cold Coffee

Veg Slider was a mini and hipster version of our desi vada pav! Small, soft buns with a patty and cream cheese, it is something you will want to gobble down in tens!

Veg Puff was sort of confusing for us. It was more like a quiche and had a stuffing of spinach and other veggies. We liked the stuffing nonetheless!

Cold Coffee was unfortunately just average but what helped was the Lemon and Mint Iced Tea.

 It was the perfect blend and super refreshing.

Lemon & Mint Iced Tea

The peaceful ambience made us want to spend the rest of the day, curling up in a corner, sipping on iced tea and reading a book. Who are we to say no to that need? So we spent hours here, reading, occasionally chatting and always sipping or munching on something!


If you are tired of the mindless chatter and need a break, head to Café 792, but shhh… don’t tell everyone! Let this be the hidden gem that it is!

PS: With multiple orders of the iced tea and all that food, our bill came to a mere ₹665. We did mention this place was pocket-friendly, right?

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Café Trofima [Shivaji Park, Dadar]


Day 1: *As we drive by* Hey look, that looks like a nice place. We should go here sometime.

Day 20: I heard Xyz went to Café Trofima. I really want to go there. Let’s please go!

Day 32: Yet again we are passing by this place and not entering.

Day 59: *As we drive by, again!* This is heights. Why do we always have somewhere else to go and never here?

Day 139: *Phone Beeps*

Friend No. 2 – Hey, It’s been long. Let’s Catch up. Friday?

Me – Hey! Friday seems diffic….. *another message arrives*

Friend No. 2 – How about Café Trofima?

Me – *Deletes previously typed message* Hell yes! It has been ages! Time?

And finally, Day 141 – Yes Yes Yes! At last, enter Café Trofima 😉

Cutting the super long story short, we have been waiting for months to visit this place and finally, it happened!

Café Trofima is a mid-sized café located at a prime corner on the main road in the ever so crowded Shivaji Park. Every time we passed by this café, we felt it was a complete fine dine place. As we entered, we noticed, although it was still a fine-dine, it had a very young vibe to it.

With the slightly dim lights, grey and white interiors and the colourful frames and cups adding a fun vibe, the café is cozy and comfy! Colourful chairs, pillars covered with 3D writings of dishes the café serves. A dessert counter displaying mouth-watering pastries and cakes and other bakes along with boards that mention the specials of the day. Tall French windows, soft music, the smell of rich coffee…it is a perfect French style café with lots to offer.

The freak shakes at Café Trofima are pretty famous, so we started with Freaky Anni Oreo. Thick Oreo milkshake, loaded with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It has every good thing that exists on the dessert planet – Oreos, Chocolate Cigars, Choco Chips, Gummy bears, Marshmallows and lots of chocolate sauce! Sinful, but good.

Freaky Anni Oreo

Chilli Garlic Potato Wedges were crisp wedges topped with lots of chilli flakes and had a slight garlic flavour to them. A spicy pesto sauce would have done wonders.

Chilli Garlic Potato Wedges

They nailed the salsa sauce in the Nachos which was a good combination of spicy and tangy. Crispy tortilla chips, loaded with beans and salsa along with lots of cheese, this one, we loved!


Red Velvet Cupcakes were decent, probably our timing was wrong, coz they had become a little too dense. Dark Chocolate Cupcake was yummy.

We also ordered String Zucchini and Olives Open Cheese Baguette. Crispy bread with parboiled zucchini, bell peppers and olives and lots of cheese. Cheese overpowered the flavours in this one.

String Zucchini and Olives Open Cheese Baguette
Mushroom, Capsicum and Onion Pizza
Passion Fruit Mojito

What we loved was the Mushroom, Capsicum and Onion Pizza.

A thin crust pizza with lots of veggies and loaded with Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese, this one was delicious!

The cheese was not chewy and with each bite, the flavours of cheese and veggies came out perfectly.

Passion Fruit Mojito was much more minty and much less passion-fruity, but refreshing nonetheless.

Red Thai Curry with Rice was the star of the show with the perfect creamy smooth gravy having an undertone of coconut.

The rice was fragrant and well separated. The Thai Gravy was loaded with veggies and taste delicious!

Red Thai Curry with Rice

Overall Experience: The food is good here, not out of the world. Some things are good and there are some misses. Sadly, we expected a lot more. The prices are all inclusive of taxes. The service is friendly and courteous but a tad slack. Although we loved the fact that nobody bothered us with ‘what next, sir/madam’ questions!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Freaky Oreo Anni will turn you into a battling freak. You will fight anyone and everyone for this one!

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