City Socialite [Hauz Khas, Delhi]

The first thought when I saw this café was ‘this looks so pretty, I have to go here!’

And that is how my confusion in choosing a place to catch up with a buddy was put to rest.  City Socialite is a pretty little place in the Hauz Khas SDA market. Its cute blue exteriors and nicely done décor make it really inviting.


They have two floors and an open area on the lower floor. You will find groups of friends chilling here, adding to the warmth and also individuals catching up with their work in one of the corners. Cute, cozy and quaint interiors and yummy food form the highlights of this place.

We started with coffee and ordered Mocha Frappe from the caffeine based section and Oreo Kick from the non-caffeine section. The frappe was basic but Oreo Kick was amazing! It had this perfect taste that I am really finding hard to describe.


Mocha Frappe & Oreo Kick


Not feeling very hungry but still in need of something to munch on, we ordered the Fries Mozz from the Fillers section. I loved the way the fries were served in the stand with chilli mayo and salsa that was fresh and bursting with flavours. The fries were fresh and had tons of cheese sauce which was yummy enough to make you will dig in for another piece and another one after that!

Fries Mozz
Fries Mozz


We also ordered a Falafel Wrap, which was delicious and appetizing!

Next we ordered Brownie Point which was undoubtedly the best thing we had here. From the description, we were totally prepared for a slice of brownie and a scoop of ice cream, but we were in for a surprise. When they said loaded, they meant loaded! The quantity was a sheer surprise, but who am I to complain when it is dessert we are talking about!! Brownie Point is delectable and toothsome. The brownie was fresh and slightly warm with a lot of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and chocolate chips! We almost found it difficult to finish!


Brownie Point



Overall Experience:

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

We spent hours here but were not even once disturbed by the staff to order something when the table was devoid of any food item.City Socialite is also really easy on the pocket.


The Battle: The battle you ask? The battle is that I cannot visit this place again till I visit Delhi again. That is going to be a long wait! :/

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