Butters Tipsy Gastropub [Fort]

Butters Tipsy Gastropub is the latest addition to the sprawling pub and food scene in Fort. We visited BTG for dinner the other day and were mind-blown. Though they probably wanted us to be high and tipsy on their amazing (we hear) cocktails, we are high on the delicious food, tipsy and giddy with excitement and satisfaction.


From the ambience to music, to food and drinks, Butters gets it right. A beautifully lit mesh of sorts greets you once you enter. As you step upstairs, the bar is what catches your attention first. A modish look overall, it is lit up and well stocked. Did we mention we are fans of how the lights jazz up the entire place? It is dimly lit and yet bright enough. The ambience makes you want to sit back and relax but the music makes you want to groove. The area is spacious and there are different options of seating available.


The menu gives us quite a few options. Pick quick bites or chakna combinations and your drinking session is surely sorted. There are Indian snacks like bhajiyas, bhurji pao and drunken bhel. They have sandwiches, baos, burgers, pizza, pasta as well as Indian main course like naan and dal. The full package. They have made a name for themselves for their cocktails, but it is worth mentioning that their mocktails are equally good.

Here is what we got tipsy on, at Butters Tipsy Gastropub –

Bhaji Pao – Bhajiya pao with an option between kanda (onion) bhaji, methi bhaji or cheese pakora. We picked onion bhaji. Crispy fritters that were topped with a little chaat masala and served with a sweet-spicy mint chutney.

Bhaji Pao

3 Cheese Sandwich 

3 Cheese Sandwich








Sorry, were we supposed to describe that?

There is cheese, lots of it and three different types of it. Do you know how high that made us? So ya, excuse us if we forgot that we have to describe it 😉 😉

Cheesiness aside, (pun totally intended 😉),  the 3 Cheese Sandwich at BTG is heavenly and loaded for sure. The aroma of cheese coupled with butter made our mouths water. Must try! And it is served with french fries for added happiness and salad if by some cosmic mistake it made you guilty 😉

Chef Lampok’s Paneer Satay

Chef Lampok’s Paneer Satay – Soft paneer that is covered with a thick layer of batter and grilled. It has a soothing lemongrass aroma and a slightly charred flavour. It was served with a peanut dip that was slightly on the sweeter side.

Lasooni Palak Paneer aur Naan – This dish features in the desi corner of the menu but it should feature in the Do Not Miss Out corner. Delicious is the word to describe this one. The strong aroma makes your mouth water and threatens the chances of getting a decent picture 😛

It is creamy and has tons of chopped garlic and onions to flavour it up. The paneer pieces are really soft and well marinated and the palak gravy is another level of goodness. Served with naan and papad, this is one meal you must have here.

Lasooni Palak Paneer aur Naan

From the mocktails we tried Melon BullTropical Thunder and Gin Cin Apple Jack. 

Melon Bull and Tropical Thunder

Melon Bull is a mindblowing mix of watermelon juice and red bull. It has a sharp taste and the chunks of watermelon add a little drama to it.  Tropical Thunder is a thunderous concoction of orange and pineapple juice, both in the right proportions to leave a strong punch. This one has a slight tart though grenadine adds a little sweetness. Loved this one too! Gin Cin Apple Jack is slightly on the sweeter side but a fine combination of apple juice infused with cinnamon.

Gin Cin Apple Jack

We also tried the Orange and Strawberry Slush which is really good. They have arrived at the perfect balanced flavour of sweetness and sourness in this chilled drink. And the colours! Loved it.

Orange and Strawberry Slush

The star of the dinner was the Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse. My god what a delight this one was. Smooth in texture, not overly sweet and so delectable. The sharp tart of raspberry paired with the slight sweetness of white chocolate gave this heavenly dessert. We licked out spoons till they were spanking clean 😛 This one is definitely a must try at BTG.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse

Overall Experience: Lip – smacking food, superb ambience, groovy music and good service make BTG a must visit place.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

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Tea Trails Bistro [Fort]

Mornings are for caffeine, newspaper, and peace! Kick-ass food does not hurt either.

Nah, that is not said by someone famous. It is said by someone awesome – Me! 😉

Our recent breakfast at Tea Trails (Fort) was just like this – caffeine, news, food and tranquillity.

The best part about South Mumbai streets apart from the iconic architecture and food joints is that they are incredibly peaceful in the morning! These calm streets can become so chaotic in a matter of hours in astonishing. But that is a discussion for another day. The reason we brought these streets up was because Tea Trails Bistro is located at one such street in Fort, Kalaghoda. In the midst of some amazing places, Tea Trails carves its presence well.

The outlet is mid-sized, done up in white and yellow with wooden furniture. As you enter, you notice the wall right opposite with tea kettles stuck to it. Beautiful pictures decorate another wall and depict tea in all its colours! The bistro is well lit and spacious and more importantly quiet, at least in the mornings!


Tea Trails is well known for the vast variety of tea on offer and they have recently revamped their menu. There is something for everyone in this new menu. Be it healthy breakfast options or salads, pizza, sandwiches or burgers, desi quick bites like pakoras, waffles, pasta or wholesome meals and desserts, the variety is mind-boggling. It is going to be difficult to pick one for sure!

We settled for a place near the window, that gives a good view of the street. Imagine yourself, with a plate of hot Maggi and a cup of Coffee/Tea as you watch the world go by their regular business. Okay, not world, but you know what I mean! It was the perfect setting!

And then it started, probably even our server was astonished as to how much food can two tummies fit! >:D>:D Here’s what we hogged on early in the morning:

Before we start, one rule – If you see Maggi on the menu, you order it! No questions asked! Yet again, the awesome ‘Me’ said this!

Cheese Chilli Maggi → Maggi spiced with green chilli, loaded with cheese and garnished with spring onions! It was delicious! The combination of cheese and green chilli is perfect!

Cheese Chilli Maggi

Schezwan Vada Pav → Atom bomb dressed as a sutli-bomb. Quite literally since this slider sized vada pav is amazing! Crispy exterior of the vada with a mild spicy potato mixture inside. Soft bun with lots of lip-smacking Schezwan chutney that makes it a spicy treat! Trust us when we say this, the Schezwan chutney is to die for!

Schezwan Vada Pav

Burghul Upma → Burghul is a kind of dried cracked wheat and is very healthy. Burghul upma was non-spicy with lots of veggies. It tasted good and was finished with grated coconut and coriander. The green chutney it came with was slightly sweet.

Burghul Upma

Egg Kejriwal on Pav → The highlight of this breakfast show! A well-made sunny-side up on a crispy pav. Onions, tomatoes, coriander and lots of chilli powder bring alive the Indian-ness of this preparation. It was scrumptious!

Egg Kejriwal on a Pav

Cranberry Iced Tea → A refreshing and tangy option. Not very sweet. Loved it!

Lemon & Mint Iced Tea → Tea decoction infused with lots of lime giving it a refreshing lemony taste. Mint adds to the energy. Loved it!

Cold Coffee → At a bistro that is famous for tea, finding good coffee sometimes comes as a surprise. Cold Coffee at Tea Trails is perfect, strong aroma and flavour. A little chocolate syrup is added but it does not kill the taste of coffee. Loved it!

Cold Coffee

Kulhad Chai → A strong cup of chai (tea) served in a kulhad! Perfect!

Kulhad Chai

Tea Trails Bubble Tea Sundae → Vanille ice cream + Tapioca Bubbles + Fruit bliss bubbles + Almonds + Pistachios + Matcha = HAPPINESS!

Bubble Tea Sundae was the perfect end to the meal. The bubbles burst in the mouth and the plain vanilla ice cream is converted to a fruity bliss!

Tea Trails Bubble Tea Sundae

Overall Experience: Amazing. Loved each and every dish but missed out on so many! Only wish we had larger tummies! The service is friendly. The food may take a little time to arrive but that is okay since it is so good! The place is pocket-friendly and gives good value for money!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: You will seriously not want to share even a single bite of the food here! Be it Egg Kejriwal or Maggi.

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Pancham Puriwala [Fort]

In the bylanes of South Mumbai, many legendary places hide in plain sight. Not that these are not popular, in fact, they are more popular and deserve to be so, than most of the new 21st century eateries. Some have revamped themselves with changing times, some have decided to stay the same, some have fought hard enough but  failed and some have sustained… but what is common for most of these is that they have kept traditions alive…. more so in the way the delicious food is prepared than any other.

Pancham Puriwala is one such legendary eatery in Fort. Famous for the terrific and hearty thali (a full meal, with insane variety, covering all bases – savory main course, dessert(s) and traditional beverages),  this place had been on my list for a really long time.

As the story goes, which most of us have heard time and again, the man who started this legendary place came to Mumbai with dreams in his eyes. He started a Puri vending stall opposite VT (CST) station and his family for generations to come have nurtured it to the famous and iconic eatery that it has become! They place is not hard to find considering people know about it and Google Maps! Though parking space is definitely going to be hard to find! The place is swamped, day or night, weekday or holiday, and why won’t it be? Have you seen the menu and those prices?

We visited here for lunch on a festival day, hoping for less crowd…both on the roads and in the restaurant. While the roads were actually empty (almost), the restaurant was as full as ever. In the 30 mins that we took to finish our meals… the waiting line outside had grown almost exponentially… This kinda made the owner put pressure on everyone sitting to hurry up. The tables here are not meant solely for one group of visitors… if you are two people and are seated at a table meant for four, rest assured, they will fit in another two right next to you! That kinda took by surprise the NRI visitors seated next to  us. But trust me, tables and trivials won’t matter once the delicious food is in front of you!

They have an a la carte menu as well as set thalis of different proportions… choose one depending on your appetite. We selected one Pancham Thali and one Delux Thali.

Here is what came in each thali :

Pancham Thali : 

Pancham Thali

6 vegetables/curries : Aloo ki Sabzi, Bhindi Aloo , Chole ki Sabzi , Rajma , Pakodi Kadhi and Paneer ki Sabzi.

3 types of puris : All filled with masala and dal, delicious and not overly oily – Regular masala puri, Palak based masala puri, and Beet Root based masala puri.

Along with these, there was Paneer Pulao, Dahi Bada, Papad, Gulab Jamun and a Glass of Chas.

Delux Thali : 

Delux Thali

5 vegetables/curries : Aloo ki Sabzi, Bhindi (mix) , Chole ki Sabzi , Pakodi Kadhi and Paneer ki Sabzi.

3 types of puris : All filled with masala and dal, delicious and not overly oily – Regular masala puri, Palak based masala puri, and Beet Root based masala puri.

Along with these, there was Special rice, Raita, Papad, and Kheer.

Every single curry/sabzi had a marvelous taste.

Aloo ki sabzi was delicious, much like that made in mom’s kitchen, adequately spiced with lots of chilli flakes. Apt to be eaten with rice, puris or even alone! Rajma had a Punjabi style thick gravy with onion and coriander, my favourite! Chole ki sabzi was another delight. Pakodi Kadhi was delicious, not spicy but did not lack in taste either, with the pakoris perfectly soft and having a taste of their own as well! Bhindi Aloo was a tad disappointing compared to the rest of them, a little on the drier side. Paneer ki Sabzi  was a delight with a delicious gravy and soft paneer pieces.

Sp. Rice and Paneer Pulao

The Masala Puris were delicious, the masala making them good enough to be eaten alone without any curry. Paneer Pulao had pieces of paneer, beans, and peas and was good. Raita on the other hand (in Delux Thali) was really watery. Dahi Bada had a little more of the sweet chutney, so if you aren’t a fan of that, tell them to skip the tamarind chutney (I couldn’t coz I did not know it would be sweet). Gulab Jamun and Kheer were delicious. Not very sweet and just delicious. Chass was good too and we went for two extras!

We also tried the Gulab Lassi, was was a thick creamy lassi with rose syrup. Delicious, both in taste and aroma. Absolutely loved it!!

Gulab Lassi

The Pancham Thali was priced at Rs. 130 (no I did not miss a zero there!) and Delux Thali at Rs. 100. Our total bill came out to be only Rs. 300!! Super value for money, no?

Overall Experience:

Food 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: You are kidding right? Try finishing on of these thalis without going… “That’s it, I am done”!!

And finishing that much food with someone waiting behind your back for you to empty the table is a different type of rush altogether.

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145 Kala Ghoda [Kala Ghoda]

Caution: The pictures in this post are going to start a serious drool-fest! So scroll down at your own risk!

Still here, are we? Well, you asked for this!

Intriguing Name ✔

Funky Interiors ✔

Upbeat Music ✔

Lively Vibe ✔

Trendy Menu options ✔

Pocket-Friendly ✔

That can sum up some of the good things I have to say about this place.

I had heard a fair bit about this place and I have to tell you, whatever I had heard, the quirky vibe of this place deserves much more! The moment you enter, you are hit by a wave of ‘wow’.

They have different sections – bar, high tables and a lounge-like section and also a pool table. The menu is playful and has a doodle section that allows you to exchange your artwork for a drink! The bar menu is going to leave you sad if you plan on not drinking. The cocktails looked especially mindblowing! (I sat at the bar table, I saw them being prepared right in front of me :/ )

There are some large installations that hang from the ceiling, which left me confused! I cannot relate as to what the weird amalgamation of steel utensils and yellow smiley balls is doing atop the bar counter? Some answers we may never know!

Anyway, let’s talk food!

We started with the Nutella Milkshake which is just picture perfect (you can start drooling now). It is really sweet and comes topped with Gems, Kit-Kat & Chocolate bombs. Highly recommended.


Nutella Milkshake

We also ordered another drink (shake) from their bar menu (non-alcoholic) called Hazel (A silvery and wacky concoction of chocolate, coffee, almond, cream and vanilla ice cream). Don’t go by the plain appearance, it is super yummy. It is more on the vanilla milkshake side, but yummy nonetheless.

Hazel & Nutella Milkshake

Next we ordered the Animal Style Fries (small portion). It comes on a long marble platter topped with a huge mass of melty cheese, fried caramelized onions and a yummy special sauce. Apparently, the inspiration for these fries comes from the famous fries at the chain In-N-Out (going by the same name). Wherever the inspiration comes from, we are happy! The portion is really huge, and the fries are perfect!

Animal Style Fries

We ordered the Jalapeno Poppers, which were almost disappointing. The cheese stuffing inside was a little too chewy.

Jalapeño Poppers

Next we ordered the Paneer Pasanda Bao, a spicy paneer filling in a soft steamy Bao. Presented on a smart wooden platter, these were made to perfection. The right amount of spicy and tasty!

With tummies almost full our hearts were not yet satiated; not without their famous Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-cream Burger, so we ordered the same. It comes as a scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two halves of a red velvet cupcake. The cupcake is a little dry on the outside but soft on the inside and is served mildly warm. The red velvet cupcake ice-cream is a must – must have at this place.

Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-Cream Burger
Red Velvet Cupcake Ice-Cream Burger


Overall Experience: We left the place happy and without burning a hole in our pockets.

My only complaint is that our server forgot to give us the Pepsi-pouch (yup, the ones we had as kids) which they gave to everyone with the bills.

Service 🙂 

Ambience 🙂 🙂 🙂

Food 🙂

The Battle: With its yummy food and friendly, upbeat ambience, the battle I fought here was to gather the will to leave the place.



Better to get a reservation, the place is generally jam packed.

Valet parking is available.



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