Pi Pizzeria [Khar]

The mathematical constant ‘pi’ (π) signifies consistency and proportion and Pi Pizzeria, that derives its name from this constant, managed to floor us with the consistency in the taste of their never-ending range of gourmet pizzas. It is one the finest gourmet pizzerias that we have come across in recent times.
Located in Khar, the place has a very good vibe and is nicely done with good lighting and interiors. The kitchen is located strategically such that it allows one to get a good view of the pizzas being prepared as soon as you enter the outlet. Talk about torture! The seating is on the first floor, big enough to accommodate around 20 – 25 guests at a time.

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With a desire to serve authentic pizzas and the owners have looked into the finest details – right from the cheese, veggies, other ingredients to the equipment required in the making of delicious pizzas, which have been imported from various European countries. We were surprised to see the huge number of vegetarian pizza options on the menu. Surely a heaven for veggie lovers! They serve only 10″ pizza and each one of them is surely bound to take your senses for a ride.

Here’s a look at what we tried:
• Appetizers:
Dough Balls with Garlic Butter – Perfect start to our meal with these. Slightly crispy on the outside and super soft cored dough balls served along with garlic butter dip.
Dough Balls with Garlic Butter Dip

Baked Mushrooms with Pesto and Mozzarella – Fresh mushrooms baked in mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce, giving them a slightly pungent taste. Easily amongst the winners here. 😋

Baked Mushrooms with Pesto & Mozzarella

Garlic Bread with Mozzarella – This was the ultimate garlic bread. Something you surely cannot miss. Soft and oh so cheesy! Loved it!


Garlic Bread with Mozzarella
Quattro – This yummy four cheese pizza that got us drooling with the amount of cheese. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Fontal and Feta cheese. It is bit on the savoury side because of the different varieties of cheese. So delicious!
Porcini – Classic combination of mushrooms, onions and olives with lots of parmesan cheese. Flavorful!
Cipriota – Another wonder worth trying here. Loaded with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions and feta cheese. We were on a cheese high with these pizzas!
Tiramisu – With layers of cream cheese sprinkled with coffee which gives a strong overpowering flavour, this smooth textured dessert was a delight.
Cheesecake – Soft and creamy with a thick base. Would have tasted better without the syrup, but we still loved it.
Choco Lava Cake – What a sight it was when we cut through the cake and the hot molten chocolate kept oozing!! 😍 It tasted as good as it looked.


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Overall Experience: If you are one of those who eat, sleeps and dreams pizzas, then wake up and relish on the delicious pizzas at Pi Pizzeria. We only wished that there were more options in the beverages that could go well with the menu.
Food  🙂
Ambience 🙂
Service 🙂

Mumbai Vibe [Khar]

Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

We are not sure who said this, but whoever did, probably had a place like Mumbai Vibe in mind.



If we were to describe the vibes oozing out of this place in one word…..we wouldn’t be able to!

‘Coz this place is amazing, lively, charming, inviting and super happening! The colourful, bold prints and decor catch your attention and make you smile. The outside seating is super pretty and covered with colourful potted plants. There are swing seats at the entrance, couches, comfy seats and wooden bleachers to pick from.  Music is groovy, there is a large projector screen and a bar counter on the first floor.




The place tries to capture the essence of Mumbai with quite a few knick-knacks that decorate the restaurant and in their food as you will find later.

We especially loved the small wacky and witty phrases associated with the various stations in Mumbai, framed like the station indicators at the platforms.

There’s Devil Wears Sanpada, Lage Raho Mumbra Bhai, Gharwali Borivali and more!

We could go on and on about each item that caught our eye, so let’s just say, this restaurant is kick-ass in terms of decor.

The menu is pretty spread out and includes salads, chaats, tacos, sandwiches and more! The mocktails or should we say Faux Cocktails are good too but most are a combination of fruit juices, a little more variety would not hurt. They also have detox options, freak shakes, coffee and tisanes.

We really loved the food at Mumbai Vibe and hardly found anything that did not live up to our expectations, they generally surpassed. The chaats here are a must try.

Here’s what added to the already amazing vibes we were enjoying:

Cheesy Onion Bhajiya with Green Chilli and Garlic Dip 

Crisp onion bhajiyas topped with a dollop of cheese and finished with lots of chaat masala and spices. These spices make your mouth water with the inviting aroma and do wonders to the mainstream bhajiyas. The combination is mind-blowing. Garlic chutney that is served with these is very spicy and delicious.

Cheesy Onion Bhajiya with Green Chilli and Garlic Dip

Palak Patta Tempura Chaat Papdi

Batter covered and deep fried spinach leaves served with a Ragda chaat. The leaves are crispy and the Ragda is chick-pea based, loaded with veggies and made spicy by green chilli pieces. These are then topped with curd, spicy mint chutney and sweet tamarind chutney giving a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Finished with sev and pomegranate seeds, this one is another amazing chaat here that makes you sweat with the spiciness and still long for another bite.

Palak Patta Tempura Chaat Papdi

Vada Pav Sliders

What describes Mumbai better than the ubiquitous vada pav? These are small and medium spicy vada stuffed between super soft pavs/buns. There’s mint and coriander chutney, tamarind chutney, green chilli and red chilli powder..the complete package, Mumbaiya style!

Vada Pav Sliders

Oven Roasted Exotic Masala Veggies Nanza

Pizza on a naan base. Thin and crispy base, topped with a tangy tomato sauce. Zucchini, bell peppers and lots of Mozzarella cheese and topped with olive oil, pepper and herbs. Perfect pizza, Nanza style.

Oven Roasted Exotic Masala Veggies Nanza

Makhni Plate with Oven Baked Naan

When we thought this is as good as it can get, the chef blew us over with this dish! How good can Dal Makhani, Paneer and Naan be? Well, it definitely has to be this good! Crisp, thin naan served with dal makhani and a creamy paneer based dish. Dal was smokey and delicious and it was not at all heavy. Super soft paneer pieces in a slightly sweet tomato based creamy gravy which was spiced with black pepper and other herbs. Delicious is the word! Loved it! So glad we found this option among the mains pasta and risotto options!

Makhni Plate with Oven Baked Naan

Butterscotch Espresso Rossogulla 

Imagine a strong coffee flavour mingling with delicious and smooth butterscotch ice cream. Groundnut Chikki added crunch and a surprising twist to this combination. Finished with a mint sprig, this fusion is a must try!

Butterscotch Espresso Rossogulla

We also had a few mocktails –

Mumbai’s Finest which is a refreshing mix of pineapple and orange juice. Lemon adds tart while cinnamon gives it an amazing aroma.

Mumbai’s Finest

Bandstand Love is a tangy sweet mix of strawberry, pineapple and lime.

Bandstand Love

Mango Fruit Soda is basically Aamras or mango juice with soda and is skippable.

Mango Fruit Soda

Mountain Detox is a blend of watermelon, orange, ginger and mint and all the flavours are well balanced. It is not very sweet and a good option.

Mountain Detox

Overall Experience: Good vibes, scrumptious and lip-smacking food, prompt, friendly service and an amazing ambience. This place has it all!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: First you fight with your gang over the amazing food and then you fight with yourself over having to get up and leave. And trust me, you are going to fight over that Dal Makhani and Paneer! Sooo epic!

They say your vibe attracts your tribe, well this place definitely has us in the permanent tribe!

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SamBar [Khar]


Yanna Rascalaa… SamBar is here…Mind It!

In the words of the owners and conceptualizers, Sam Anna is the fun side in each one of us. And SamBar is where you should let this side out!

And SamBar is where you should let this side out!  Vibrant colours, hatke food, kick-ass music and really unique mocktails and cocktails will ensure that you do!


13SamBar, a new resto-pub located in Khar is currently the talk of the town and for all the right reasons!

The fun side of the place begins right at the entrance with the bright pink face in its name.

Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green and all the loud colours can be seen in the decor of this place. Walls are covered with chic paintings. There are two sections, indoor section, which also has a projector and live bar counter and the outside seating with kickass music. A football match was being screened indoors when we visited and the entire restaurant had come alive!

8Another awesome thing is that the wait staff is dressed in the traditional Lungi and respond promptly when addressed as Anna.

There are some really good and fun offers on drinks here, like the Anna Hours where the wheel decides if you get a discount or not and if you do, how much.

The cocktail and mocktail menu are really interesting with some crazy blends. The food here is basically South Indian fusion food, some authentic flavours and some dishes with a twist.

The focus is strongly on bringing out the South Indian flavours and spices. The menu is well spread with lots of options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

You have some desi dishes based on Idli, Gol Bhajji and Appams, and you also get Banana patty burger and Paneer Chettinad pizza!

From the mocktails, we tried –

Virgin Rasam Mary – Yes, Rasam Mary. A very spicy mocktail made with Rasam, which is definitely not everyone’s cup of… Mary?  Imagine Bloody Mary gone Indian. Tomato juice, lime and chilli with Tabasco and Rasam! It was unique, spicy and tangy!
Virgin Rasam Mary and Mojito
Virgin Caprioska
Virgin Mojito and Virgin Caprioska were both really refreshing and well made.
Virgin Santra Tantra – Ginger, Mint and Orange juice combined together in a refreshing drink and topped with Soda.
Some of the cocktails cannot me made virgin, but some can. You can ask the servers to suggest you one as per your liking!
We started off with Chettinad Idli Chilli, mini idli fried and tossed in a really spicy Chettinad masala. Gravy is made with lots of green and red chilli along with garlic, curry leaves, bell peppers and capsicum. The coconut flavour though strong, does not overpower the spicy masala. The flavours blend well and this one is a really good option to try out!
Chettinad Idli Chilli

Gun Powder Idli was bite sized idli sprinkled with gunpowder Masala, the hero of South Indian spices, a dry blended powder with dry chilli, garlic, chickpeas, etc. Topped with lots of sesame seeds, it tasted well alone and with the minty mayonnaise chutney.

Gunpowder Idli

We then called for the Veg. Platter with Anna’s Bhajiyas, Pepper Paneer, Aama Wada and Mushroom Churuttu.

Anna’s Bhajiyas were amazing, not very oily and really crispy. Pepper Paneer has really soft pieces of paneer in a mild -spicy pepper based gravy. Aama Wada was banana and corn-based wadas, fried but not very oily. There were on the drier side and tasted really good, especially with the Tamarind and Tomatbased sauce/dip. Mushroom Churuttu is basically mushroom and cheese filled spring rolls. The mushroom has a charred and smokey flavour and the combination with cheese is really delicious.

The platter was served with a tomato & tamarind based dip, a sweet coriander dip and a yoghurt, coriander and chilli dip.

Veg Platter – Anna’s Bhajiya, Mushroom Churuttu, Aama Wada and Pepper Paneer
Mushroom Churuttu

From the main course, we called for Paneer Chettinad and Appam along with a Neer Dosa.

Paneer Chettinad has mild-spicy but really soft malai paneer pieces in a semi-thick gravy. The Appam was just mind-blowing. We ate most of the appam plain, without any accompaniment. It was soft and made with coconut milk and tasted really good. Neer dosa was good too.

No options for desserts are available.

Overall Experience: Yanna Rascala… very good.. mind it! The service is friendly and prompt, the food is good and not very heavy on the pockets.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Sam Anna doesn’t like fights. Sam Anna said no fighting, only eating. So we ate. And as we ate the Chettinad style dishes, it was the tears we had to fight with, when things got too heated and spicy! But Sam Anna and we love this type of a battle! Mind it!

SamBar – Google Maps

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Kettle & Keg [Khar]

To pick up the kettle or to chug down from a keg…. if that is ever the question and like us, you are unable to pick one, just type Kettle & Keg in the Maps and cross the bridge when you land here!

So if you are a teetotaler no worries, Kettle & Keg has some amazing teas….this reminds me, why is there no word for coffee – totalers? This is blasphemous! Am gonna start an imaginary debate in my head and am gonna win it and am gonna come up with one! Or better yet, I could have an actual protest here, with some amazing cocktails at Kettle & Keg! Yup, they have tea/coffee and they have cocktails! Quite a mixture, huh? And they nail ’em both!

Kettle & Keg is a newly opened fusion restaurant, that houses an amazing patisserie that dishes out mouth-watering desserts, a complete bar with some kick-ass concoctions and a kitchen from where the chef brings life to your taste buds! The ambience is an unusual mix of a fun and happening yet soothing vibe. We have a serious crush on the lights and the effect they had! From wine bottles to big circular lamp…. all decorate the ceilings here!

The bar area is done up colourfully and beautifully. It is really inviting. There is an indoor as well as an outdoor seating. Under usual circumstances, we would definitely pick the outside one, but we were with a large group that preferred indoor seating, which was equally amazing. As you enter, you see the bakery & patisserie right up ahead with a huge display of loaves and pieces of bread, desserts, and tea in jars. Soft music that makes its presence felt yet does not interfere and the continuous humming and chatter of the people add more happiness to the ambience. The service is super friendly and really quick, with everyone from the bartender to the wait staff smiling and ready to help.

Salted Caramel Cold Coffee

We started with Maldives Tea (caffeine-free infusion) and Salted Caramel Cold Coffee. Maldives was an aromatic and mildly flavoured blend. The sweetness of berries was reduced by the presence of mango. The aroma was fruity. Salted Caramel Cold Coffee was good too, but the flavour could have been more intense.

Cinnamon Chai Latte was just mind blowing. Intense flavours of tea, as well as cinnamon, came alive with each sip.

It was really difficult for us to decide if we like the tea more or the cinnamon more! But now, as I write this, I wonder, maybe it was the combination. None of the flavours overpowered each other. Topped with whipped cream, this one is a delight to the taste buds and the…em, nose-buds? 😉😉

Saffron Cream Muffin Smoothie was another delight here. Creamy smoothie, but not smooth since the muffin pieces could be felt with each sip and so delicious. A very mild flavour of saffron. Loved it!

Freaky Ferrero Shake was a drool-worthy freakshake, not too sweet but really thick and creamy. Topped with Ferrero Rocher, gummy bears, marshmallows, choco chips, chocolate cigars and lots of whipped cream…this one was as delicious as it was Instagram-worthy!

Freaky Ferrero Shake
Egg Florentine

Egg Florentine is a dish from their classic menu and totally deserves to be there!

Flatbread with cream cheese and spinach and poached eggs, completed with a cheesy sauce and cilantro. It was served with a roasted potato salad.

Every bite was sinfully delicious. The flavours of cheese did wonders to the poached eggs and spinach combination! If you are a fan of poached eggs, this is one dish that is totally recommended!

Parmesan Broth was a clear soup with the perfect cheese flavour. Juliennes of veggies were added. It is light and flavourful. Batter Fried Onion Rings were crispy and non-oily; perfect to munch on.

Sprouts Salad

They also have a wide range of salad and we tried Tender Coconut Salad and Sprouts salad on the Chef’s recommendation.

Tender Coconut Salad had lots of lettuce, olives, cucumber and was topped with coconut water. The surprise addition was that of sauf (fennel seeds) that added a refreshing taste and crunchy texture.It was served with coconut water in a shot glass!

Sprouts Salad was a protein filled and healthy mixture of sprouts (duh!), olives, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce and raisins. It was again dusted with sauf (fennel) powder. A really good option if you are a salad fan!

Tender Coconut Salad

Guntur Chilli Cheese Fries were mildly spicy and super cheesy. We especially loved the presentation of the dish, feels like the planets revolving around the sun. Long shot, but why restrict imagination!

Guntur Chilli Cheese Fries

Keg Special Misal Pav took us by surprise. We ordered it considering it would be their take on the famous misal-pav, but we were in for a surprise. The only thing we are glad about is that the surprise was a tasty one!

So, their misal is basically a mixture of Sabudana (sago) khichdi topped with a mildly spicy coconut and coriander chutney. It is served with potato salli (crisp potato sticks) and soft spiced buns to go with.

Sago was perfectly cooked and modestly crisp and the chutney added delicious flavours. It is their take on misal and our take? We loved it!

Keg’s Signature Misal Pav

Not quite full yet, we ordered Mushroom Cheese Melt.

Okay, you can stop with the surprised faces! We were sharing the food, promise!  😉

Coming to the Mushroom Cheese Melt, what do we say! It was delicious! When we ordered the sandwich, we were ready for a normal cheese and mushroom filling, stuffed in a sandwich. What came to the table took us by surprise. What we wanted to do was to kiss the chef’s hands and tell him to not kill us with such heart-attacks! Or maybe do, at least we will die while eating!

What was so surprising? Try a cheesy mushroom mixture, that is a little tangy-sweet when you taste it but in a matter of seconds, it is spicy enough to make you sweat! That was the delicious filling in our sandwich, that kept oozing out of the bread! Aiming to tantalise the taste buds? You got it! Totally loved it, must order! ❤

Mushroom Cheese Melt
Fettuccine Aglio Olio Exotic Vegetable and Burrata

The Aglio Olio Pasta was delicious, not dry like we expected and had loads of exotic veggies in it!

Yup, still not full 😉and no signs of getting there!

Vegetable Market Pizza was a thin crust pizza and as the name suggests, loaded with veggies!

3 Mushroom & Feta Pizza was another delight. Thin crust pizza with three types of mushrooms that added a delicate nutty flavour to it. The real star was the feta cheese. If you like the combination of mushroom and feta, this one is going to make you like it a little more!

3 Mushroom & Feta Pizza
Cinnamon Chai Latte

We also tried a variety of their coolers and mocktails. Green Apple Float was a fizzy mix of green apple flavour that was enhanced by the ice cream. The froth formed kept threatening to ooze out.

Berry Berry Slush was a fruity mix of flavours.

Jaljira Mojito was a chatpata and tangy drink.

Keg’s Special Iced Tea was a chilled version of Maldives tea that we had earlier but it failed to leave any mark.

The favourite of the lot was the Twinkled Lemony Sangria, a real delicious concoction, kinda thick, tangy yet sweet. The lime wedges only added more zest to the drink. Absolutely recommended.

And if you are a lemongrass fan, Lemongrass Cooler is the one for you. The aroma alone refreshes one!

You did not think that was the end, did you? Nope, we were not done yet!😉

Common, the food was soo good, dessert had to be tried! In Mumbai language – itna toh banta hai! 

So we ordered – Philadelphia Cheese Cake, Lava Chocolate, Tiramisu and Peanut Butter Pie only. See, we were in control! 😉

Peanut Butter Pie had a firm chocolatey top and base with a delicious and creamy centre. The nutty taste of peanuts was intense with the first bite! Delectable!

Peanut Butter Pie

We think we have spoken enough so we will let the pictures (before & after) tell you how Lava Chocolate was!😎

Lava Chocolate – Before
Lava Chocolate – After

One word: Perfect!

Tiramisu was just toothsome, with intense coffee flavour and so creamy! Philadelphia Cheese Cake had a soft creamy texture and was served with blueberry compote and whipped cream. Heavenly!

Philadelphia Cheese Cake

And now we were done! 😄 :D” width=”16″ height=”16″ />

Overall Experience: Amazing! Such scrumptious food, perfect ambience and courteous service! Loved it!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: How about we let a picture do the talking again? A spread that good must have called for a few fights and curses, right?


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