70 Beans [Sanpada]

What is in a name? Well, in theirs is the dictum that – 70 beans are needed to brew a perfect cup of coffee!

70 beans is located in a quiet neighbourhood of Sanpada, a place I hardly expected to find a cafe this good. 70 Beans is a great option for one to immerse themselves in their work or a great novel or just chat their time away with friends and indulge in some board games. The menu has a decent spread, some really amazing options in coffee, which is one of my foremost reasons to visit this place. The music is good and the ambience of this place is comfortable and soothing.

We went here early morning with a massive caffeine deficiency and at once got to work selecting our medicine. 70 beans, as is obvious by the name, has a good spread when it comes to coffee. I have tried multiple options here at multiple times and I shall say, most of them are amazing. We ordered the good old Cappuccino and a Crime and Punishment – Oreo. The cappuccino was good, and anyways, there is not much one can get wrong in a cappuccino. The Crime and Punishment, on the other hand, was amazing. Made with tons of chocolate syrup and oreo and on the ice cold side, it is something an oreo lover would like. We also ordered Dark Hot Chocolate, which was really good.

Crime and Punishment – Oreo
Dark Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino

Our tummies can be really demanding and not caring about the time or place, they can start growling when they feel ignored. So well, to shut our rumbling tummies, we ordered a Veg. Platter. Yes, early morning potato and cheese overdose. Yes! Yes! Yes! to all your raised eyebrows and questioning eyes! What can I say, a tummy wants what a tummy wants. The Veg platter comes with a few bites of a variety of finger foods like french fries, potato wedges, cheese corn bites, garlic bread, etc.; whose amazing aroma reached us before the platter did. Each variety is well made, but I especially loved the Cheese Corn Bites and  Garlic Bread. Both were yummy and appetizing. The quantity is really good and though the menu says serves two, it can easily serve four.

Veg. Platter

On our hosts recommendation, we next ordered Pasta in Pink sauce. The pasta was just delicious, such creamy texture and pleasurable taste!  Whether the host is there to recommend this to you or no, I suggest this should be on your must-try list at 70 Beans. Absolute delight!

Pasta in Pink sauce

From the coolers, we ordered Aam Panna, which was just decent. A little too much ice and a little too less flavour.

Aam Panna


Overall Experience: Easy on the pocket, great variety and good food. What more does one need! And we had grabbed the sofas by the window. Even more smiles!!

Food 🙂 

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Not being able to try more of their amazing food is what made me sad.

I have tried some of their sandwiches and desserts earlier, and I wish to try so many more! Until next time, I guess 🙂

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