The Whistling Teal [Chandpole, Udaipur]

Finding The Whistling Teal was a mere fluke for us. As we wandered down the Lake Palace Road, we saw a large board that said Authentic Espresso Coffee. A claim like that is bound to make us stop in our tracks. So we did. We stopped and we crossed the road and we made our way through the huge entrance and through the climber covered door, inside the beautiful café. Or should we say garden?

We stopped and we crossed the road and we made our way through the huge entrance and through the climber covered door, inside the beautiful café. Or should we say garden? Covered in trees and plants and climbers and bushes, this café/restaurant is nothing but a paradise for a nature lover.

Hidden away in the verandah of Jhadol Haveli from the busy street, one can not guess that such a calm and serene place exists here. It is successful in reminding one how peaceful nature can be!


The Whistling Teal makes you want to skip everything and just sit there enjoying the quiet and calm of the garden and the occasional chirping of birds or antics of squirrels.

There are various seating areas around the central garden. One can choose to sit in the open lawn or under the canopies on the other side or indoors. The indoor section reminds one of a cozy old home with the pale yellow walls and elegant seating. But we recommend choosing the lawn or canopies.

It does not boast of a lake view or of being on a hill top but yet, The Whistling Teal is a place you should head to if you are in Udaipur. It can be romantic and cosy while being beautifully luxe at the same time. It is the type of place where writers can be lost in their own thought or couples in each other’s eyes! Perfect to sit and talk for hours or to not talk at all and just be.



Odd garden knick-knacks can be found all around which make walking around here really interesting. The owners also have pet dogs and rabbits and you are allowed to play with them (just do not cause harm or feed them). Aroma of coffee being brewed fills the area and the chips and barks and squeaks of birds and animals are the only music here, which by the way is more than enough!!

We were so lost in the peacefulness that we really did not think about eating anything, but we hear that they serve really lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes. We can vouch for the coffee, though! 😉 😉

Cold Coffee

The Whistling Teal calls for a visit, even if it is a detour for you!

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Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery [Gangaur Ghat, Chandpole, Udaipur]

What happens when you visit a new city and meet locals, be it relatives or friends?

They tell you all about the places you should check out. All this advice is definitely worth heeding to (mostly).

But what when each one tells you  ‘You have to visit Xyz, the view is amazing’ or ‘Have you been to Xyz yet? If not, let me take you, you will thank me later’ or ‘Oh coffee? We could go to Xyz, they have some good coffee options and a  spectacular view to offer’ and you proudly nod and say, Oh we checked out Xyz yesterday, and we know what you are raving about!’


The Xyz in this context is Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar and Bakery and obviously, we are the epic people who checked it out!

Nah, just kidding. We are beyond epic! 😉

Jheel’s Ginger CBB is a guest house that also houses a café and bakery and is located at Gangaur Ghat with a magnificent view of Lake Pichola. The café is spread over two floors of the guest house – the ground floor and the open terrace. And the epic people that we are (Nope, not getting over this one anytime soon… so) …. we chose the terrace, obviously! And my god, do we make good decisions? (Getting too narcissistic for you, eh?)

And the epic people that we are (Nope, not getting over this one anytime soon… so) …. we chose the terrace, obviously! And my god, do we make good decisions? (Getting too narcissistic for you, eh?) The view from the terrace is beautiful!


One can see the entire area lit up, from the bridge to the other hotels and buildings.

February being comparatively cool in Udaipur, the cool breeze made us shiver, but the feeling is totally worth it!

The menu is quite well spread, but we were not here for the food, so we stuck to coffee and a sandwich.

Jheel’s Giner CBB is pretty famous for the breakfast range it has on offer, so that is something one can check out

We ordered a Macchiato and a Cold Coffee. Yup, cold coffee. Epic people do epic things, you won’t get it!😄

The aroma of out coffee being prepared made our mouths water! Macchiato was really good and foamy. Perfect for the weather. Cold coffee was thick and chocolatey and not too sweet. Yummy!

Cold Coffee & Macchiato
Mushroom Cheese Melt

Mushroom Cheese Melt Sandwich was so good.

Lots of cheese and mushrooms, onions, coriander and green chilli made for a delicious combination.

The mixture was soft and bread was toasted. It was served with Coleslaw but should have been given with a spicy sauce rather, which we were happily provided with when asked for. Happily, we hogged on the sandwich and sipped on our coffee.


Getting here is a bit tricky since the Cabs do not come beyond Jagdish Temple. One can take a tuk-tuk or an autorickshaw to the nearest point (being the Mata Temple bridge) or can just walk the distance (which is not much) and enjoy the colour handicrafts and artefacts on the way.

Jheel’s Ginger Coffe Bar is one café you must visit on your trip to Udaipur, not only for the view but also for their decent grub.

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Oladar Village Café [Lake Palace Road, Udaipur]

14What do you do when you have an old haveli to spare?

Well, when you are in Udaipur, you paint it blue and you paint it pretty.

You add a beautiful chandelier and you add some colourful lights.

You place a funky, colourful sofa here and you place two more there.

Then you buy some odd knick-knacks and you make a fun and chic hangout place with the right dose of all these ingredients.

Add good music and service to the preparation and voila, a perfect café is served!

Oladar Village Café followed these steps to make an amazing, upscale café in Chandpole, an area that is bustling with options.

Oladar (let’s call it just that, please?)is painted and decorated in vibrant colours that instantly make one happy. Imagine all the right combinations of yellows and blues and you will know what we mean! There are four sections – indoors and outdoor sections below and the same above. Obviously, we advise picking the outdoor ones! They are covered in trees and have super comfy seats/sofas. We loved the colourful patchwork on the sofa and cushions. The indoor section has funky lights and a café table (near the kitchen) with scooters and high seats.

The often give out the space for open mic performances, small fleas, etc. One such flea was on when we visited and it added to the zing of this café!

Café Mocha

The menu is pretty elaborate with munchies and continental options along with sandwiches, wraps, etc.

We ordered Café Mocha which was hot and perfect. Lots of foam and chocolate sauce on top made it the perfect drink in the chilly Udaipur mornings!

We also tried Nachos Grande and loaded is the word to define this one!

Tortilla chips loaded with a spicy mix of veggies, tangy salsa and tons of cheese. Topped with julienned cabbage (kinda strange!) the nachos were really good.

Nachos Grande

The service is friendly and prompt. The café is not exactly light on the pocket but is a good place to unwind and have fun. Our bill came to ₹300 for coffee and nachos, which is a tad bit extra, but nevermind, the ambience is fun!

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Café Ra – Bollywood Café & Restaurant [Chandpole, Udaipur]


Bollywood Themed Café?

Nothing new in that, right?

But finding it in one of the lanes in Chandpole, famous amongst tourists who may not know many of our stars, was pretty surprising for us.

Café Ra looks like the house of a crazy Bollywood lover, who knows every movie and every dialogue at the back of his/her head and has a room that is a shrine to a celebrity or Bollywood in general.

Replete with drama, Café Ra is a cute and rugged restaurant dedicated to the owner’s love for Bollywood.

In fact, the way we located this cafe was equally dramatic. We were walking down the narrow lanes of Chandpole, to find another café, when we saw some really colourful and funky looking graffiti on the side walls.

Look up and ta da – there stands a café with a cute little blue door and it claims to be a ‘BollyFood Restaurant’.

Curious we walk in and are discover this fun place. It is spread over three floors of a small house, each floor seating around 10 people (give or take) either in the cozy low-seating cushions or tables at the corner. The top floor can seat double the number. The walls at each level are covered in movie posters, pictures of actors and actresses or movie names.

The topmost floor is labelled Stall and has its two walls covered in paintings and movie posters. On the same wall, one can find Coolie and 3 Idiots, Umrao Jaan and Jodhaa Akbar, Pyasaa and Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge! A colourful painting of Amitabh Bachchan (not perfect, but you know the man the moment you see an attempt to be/look like him) bedecks one wall while another one has the ever-so-beautiful Rekha (again, not perfect) from Umrao Jaan.


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The cold coffee was something you can refrain from ordering. It was basically sugar water with a little flavour. Hot Coffee was decent.

What you must give a shot to are the parathas and other desi items. We loved the Aloo Paratha we ordered. It was huge and super delicious and spicy like we asked it to be. Served with a lip-smacking mango pickle, this one totally made our day! Another good news? It was for only ₹50!

Aloo Paratha

Café Ra is a restaurant you should definitely visit for a pocket-friendly meal. Our bill came to a total of ₹150. The service is really good too. If not the food, the paintings and the insignias and the Bollywood craziness is sure to make you smile.

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